Mature mommy young men fantasy hypnosis

Mature mommy young men fantasy hypnosis

Best  mature femdom sex fantasy you will find on the net.

 Mom boy and many other types roll play are fine as long as it never will be done in real, because it truly is wrong. Mom boy Roll play like this works on the level of doing something you are so not supposed to do. That is the point in kink. To stray as far from old fassioned most of your cloths on missionary position with the lights out sex as possible. In other words as kinky or dirty as possible and the farther you stray the more taboo or erotic this mom boy fantasy is and thus more of a turn on. Mom or mommy means mature and experienced woman. So, mom boy roll play is not so much of a "Wow I really want to fuck my mom" thing as it is a "Oh so naughty! I can't belive this mom boy fantasy is happening" kind of thing. Hope this hepls some to understand the sexual psycology of this kind of thing. The fantasy to be seduced by an experienced mature woman, a fantasy that a young boy fuck a mature mom, a fantasy where he receive his first blowjob or simply getting a well done handjob while sucking on moms big boobs is really not seldom.

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video


Breastfed Baby

I am going to take you back in time. Back in time to when you were a new beautiful, little baby boy and I am going to be your mummy.

I am going to care for you, nurture you and love you. As your mummy, I will get you ready for a nice deep sleep.

I will clean that dirty little bum bum of yours and then rock you in my rocking chair, in my arms, as i breastfeed you to sleep, as we gaze into each others eyes, as you suck on my nipple, drinking mummies special sweet milk.

I will always be there for you, ready to clean you and feed you. This is a very deep and relaxing trance.all of your worries will just disappear, when you are with me, your mummy. There is no awakener.

42:50 min, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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Under the witches spell JOI CEI

Listen at your own risk
My spells are powerful
I will help you jerk off
BUT then you must eat your cum for me
You are a perverted gross worthless pig
I feel you can do your job
As a pig it is your duty
to be gross and eat your own stinky filthy cum

Runtime 10:25
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CBT Sounds Audio Exploring BDSM

Runtime 7:06

SOUNDS: I explore different gauges on you

SPANKING: between CBT sessions we take a break so I can spank you


This isnt my usual clip so if you like it buy it and I will make more
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Bimbo Brain MP3 - Sensual Feminization

It's not a bad thing, sissy. All of these thoughts you are having about turning into a completely feminized bimbo slut are 100% normal AND natural! These fantasies and thoughts that come from the deepest, most perverse place in your subconscious are there for a reason, bimbo .. and it's because you were MADE to be a bimbo! Obviously, you're having thoughts like these because you are a mindless little slut! All your life, other people tried to teach you to be a man, but nothing like that ever felt right! Now is the time to finally succumb to your true calling, to wander down the path of pleasure, and to finally become YOURSELF. You've always dreamed about it .. but now really have to listen to what your brain is telling you. Mistress will help you, of course .. and there's nothing to worry about, pretty girl. This is your destiny. This feminization audio includes several different elements of hypnosis, brainwashing, neuro-lingusitic programming, undetectable binaural beats + triggers, a melodic + ambient wall loop to induce relaxation and calmness in different brain waves, multiple layers of sfx/voice over, sensual domination, feminizationl, bisexual encouragement, and full blown guided bimbofication! Some light masturbation instruction as well. Enjoy, pretty girl!
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Nasty Angels

Are you ready to enjoy my beautiful, sexy friends ? The identical twins, madison and morgan,
and their sexy, nasty mother. A beautiful sexy milf, elegantly dressed and stylish.

They are my nasty angels and they would love to watch you, and make you cum.

Being my lover is the best thing to happen. I am your mistress, and they are fantastic cocksuckers, they know how to suck your dick.

42:48 Minutes, including jerk off instructions, joi, brainwaves and soft music.

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Handsome little Baby Boy

You love to be a handsome, little boy. You want to feel like a baby boy.
You want to sleep like a baby boy.You want to feel save and protected, to feel bright, warm, and peaceful. 
Forget all worries and feel free to behave and sleep like a baby. 
A little 5 month old, little baby boy.  
Wonderful!What a handsome baby. What a sweet,adorable baby.
Caution, there is no Awakener! so listen to this file when you go to bed only.

43:43 min including brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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Diaper Hypno - Messy Boy

I can see, your diaper is soiled, and we should change it immediately.

I know, that my good boys  delicate  bottom can easily become irritated from dampness, contact with urine, or friction from diapers, so let me change your diapers now.
Enjoy my special care and let me change my good boy’s diaper.

I want my messi boy to be clean and happy.

39:10 Minutes including, diaper hypno, brainwaves and soft music.


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Sambas Brainwash flabby and saggy Mature

Welcome to my brainwash files.
It is time for you to follow my instructions, to accept and repeat what I command.  
It is time for a change, a change that will be with you for the rest of your life. 
Let me inside your deepest self to brainwash your mind, to become addicted flabby and saggy matures. 
From now on, flabby and saggy matures are attractive to you.
You love to fuck them and your cock gets harder and harder while watching saggy tits swing, 
while watching flabby belly and ass move and ripple while pounding them. 

Flabby and saggy matures make your cock hard.

45:18 Minutes including, saggy mature hypno, brainwaves and soft music.

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