Mature mommy young men fantasy hypnosis

Mature mommy young men fantasy hypnosis

Best  mature femdom sex fantasy you will find on the net.

 Mom boy and many other types roll play are fine as long as it never will be done in real, because it truly is wrong. Mom boy Roll play like this works on the level of doing something you are so not supposed to do. That is the point in kink. To stray as far from old fassioned most of your cloths on missionary position with the lights out sex as possible. In other words as kinky or dirty as possible and the farther you stray the more taboo or erotic this mom boy fantasy is and thus more of a turn on. Mom or mommy means mature and experienced woman. So, mom boy roll play is not so much of a "Wow I really want to fuck my mom" thing as it is a "Oh so naughty! I can't belive this mom boy fantasy is happening" kind of thing. Hope this hepls some to understand the sexual psycology of this kind of thing. The fantasy to be seduced by an experienced mature woman, a fantasy that a young boy fuck a mature mom, a fantasy where he receive his first blowjob or simply getting a well done handjob while sucking on moms big boobs is really not seldom.

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video


Be Pretty for the D Sissification audio


Today Sissy you will be pretty for me
You need to be ready to suck cock and slurp cummies
You will dress you up as a pretty girl
Then we play repeat after me
Then you will rub and finger yourself
So pretty and so smooth
Taste yourself sissy boi
Be proud be gay and be my sissy bimbo slave bought
Toss on repeat for best results
Just loop and edge till you cant think of anything except sucking cocks and slurping yummy cummies
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My beautiful Baby Girl

I am going to nurture you and love you as I am going to regress you but with an extra special change, you are going to transform into a beautiful, pretty little baby girl. 
As we spend some quality time in your pretty pink nursery, I will hold you, rock you, relax you, change your dirty little bum bum and breastfeed you as you fall to sleep in my loving arms.

I am your mummy and you are my beautiful baby girl.

42:41 min, feminization, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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A lesson in cocksucking Includes Rimming


Mostly Geared towards gay sissies BUT couples can follow along too

Are struggling giving a good blowjob?

Are your skills lacking?

Want to learn more

Today I will guide you along. You can practice on your dildo or a real cock

You can wear headphones and follow along

Cock sucking is a skill that needs to be learned and Today I will get you started

This clip is great for girls and guys either solo or couples

Its only aim is to teach how to give really good head

Make sure he is clean before you stick your mouth around his anus or ball sack

Give him a sponge bath if you have to

Lets get started
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You are in the house of the witch.. you need a spell to improve your life.. to have fortune and love.. i hipnotize you but unfer trance i don't do a spell for improve your life but to destroy your life.. you will loose friends.. money.. love and you will be turned into a slave..

10 min
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Guiding the pig to suck his own sausage


The pig wants its sausage in its mouth

The pig wants to taste his own milk

I will direct the pig

We will do stretches

We will get its sausage in its mouth

The pig will eat his own milk for me

JOI CEI with Binary sexual Tones included so when the sausage cums you will want to eat it
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Mommy Domme Audio Pack


Mommy Domme Audio Sensual Joi Cei Class

Mommy catches her son trying to self suck himself

Which makes Mommy Horny

She should have knocked on his bedroom door first but she is glad she didnt

While look at her son with his penis pointed toward his mouth

she explains how she loves the taste of yummy cummies too

Mommy swallows cum from the men at work almost daily

She teaches her Son to self suck and eat his own cum

Then later that night Mommy invites a big black bull over for him to suck "A Hung black Man"

The son is there for a visit for the weekend he has been away at college

He will be eating yummy cummies for Mommy today and eating the big black bulls cum later that evening

Mommy is sick of cummies socks teaches son to eat his cum instead


Honey just got home and thought we should have a little chat.
Look alex, I dont mind doing your laundry even though you just turned 18 which means you should start doing your own, but the thing I dont like is all of the cum soaked socks i have to find when I'm trying to wash clothes.

Like come on, how often do you even jack off. I mean there are SOO many of them needing to be washed not to mention the ones that dont bend. On that same not I might add the fact that I was pretty surprised to see your computers history. I mean really you have all these dirty socks becuase your to big of a bitch to eat your own cum. I saw you clicked on dozens of cei videos many of which were mommy cei videos so I thought of a solution to help us both out. I want to watch you eat your own cum. Now alex. Whip out your little dick and start stroking.

We dont have all day now get to it.

Man figured youd have a bigger dick to be honest but oh well. Grab that lotion over there and do what you do best you little sissy

Man it didnt take you lone to get hard did it.
That's it I want you to keep going
Edge for me.

Are you getting close? Heres a shot glass.
I want you to drop your hands when your about to cum and have it all leak out into the glass on the count of 3.

1 leak that useless little dick.

Now I want you to put your disgusting jizz into your mouth without swallowing.
I want you to savor your flavor you little bitch and get back to stroking.
I know it hurts but do you really think I care go on keep stroking.
Work yourself up to a second load while tasting your own juices.
Man are you ready to cum again already. Yes that's it keep stroking get to the edge for me and on the count of 10 I want you to cum for me again.
10 9 that's it

8 7 6
Wait what number was I on oh that's right 9 8
7 keep stroking for mommy
6 swallow that load in your mouth and get ready for another.
5 4
3 say you want to be mommy's cumslut
2 1 CUM INTO THAT GLASS AND DRINK IT ALL UP FOR MOMMY. That's it take another load in to that cum hole you call a mouth.
Good boy

Man that was really cool to watch gonna have to do this again and again till I stop seeing cum soaked socks in the laundry.

Now that you had a chance to read it buy the audio version
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Breastfed Baby

I am going to take you back in time. Back in time to when you were a new beautiful, little baby boy and I am going to be your mummy.

I am going to care for you, nurture you and love you. As your mummy, I will get you ready for a nice deep sleep.

I will clean that dirty little bum bum of yours and then rock you in my rocking chair, in my arms, as i breastfeed you to sleep, as we gaze into each others eyes, as you suck on my nipple, drinking mummies special sweet milk.

I will always be there for you, ready to clean you and feed you. This is a very deep and relaxing trance.all of your worries will just disappear, when you are with me, your mummy. There is no awakener.

42:50 min, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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Under the witches spell JOI CEI

Listen at your own risk
My spells are powerful
I will help you jerk off
BUT then you must eat your cum for me
You are a perverted gross worthless pig
I feel you can do your job
As a pig it is your duty
to be gross and eat your own stinky filthy cum

Runtime 10:25
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