Mind Cult HD

Mind Cult HD

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Goddess Zenova
You have heard stories of a secret cult living in a complex of caves under a small village. Legend says that the cult is lead by a dark serpent Goddess who lives in a temple DEEP inside the caves. The Goddess has cast a spell over all the villagers and are all under Her control. You have heard that they sacrifice virgins to satisfying the lusts of their dark Goddess and you have decided to sneak inside the temple to see for yourself. You plan to pretend to be one of the locals she has under her spell so you can get DEEP inside without being noticed. Before you even get inside you can already feel her power and see her imagine DEEP inside your mind now. Time to go so DEEP inside and see what awaits you….

Video includes * brainwashing *deepeners *sexual fantasy *vampire *vore *topless nudity *Egyptian Goddess cosplay *femdom *layers of sound including multi voice tracks, ASMR whispers, brainwave entrainment and music/sound fx *audio and visual triggers *post suggestions *subliminals *eye fixation

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