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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
Take My hand as I suck you into the MATRIX. I know you love to be under My superior control as I melt
your mind, leaving you highly suggestible. Once you are in My MATRIX, you will have no recollection of how you got there, yet you will feel an amazing sense of surrender as I program you to be My brainwashed sex toy. As the zeros and ones invade your body and psyche, you experience the most incredible, erotic free floating pleasure. As you fly high within the MATRIX, I program and brainwash you to go DEEPER than you have ever gone before.

My breasts, eyes, and poetic commands enrapture your mind, body and soul as My ASMR suggestions reprogram your subconscious mind like never before. You are free from the limitations of earth. What happens to your body while we voyage, will be in My hands. As you travel through My virtual world, My erotic MATRIX, you will fly free from all inhibitions. You are mindless but your body electric, so hot and ready to be touch and played with. You see, in the virtual world, you are just My play thing, it’s all about erotic pleasure. Every time you step into the MATRIX, your cock gets hard and your mind goes blank. All for My erotic pleasure of owning you and taking over your complete being.

Now stare at My crystal of addiction…. Addicted to My breasts, voice and every expression. Falling deeper and deeper for your Hypn0tik Goddess as ones and zero invade every cell in your body and mind. It feels so good to OBEY your Goddess. your one mission while the MATRIX is to …..

Mathematical relaxation taking over, you can’t resist the ones and zeros I project into your mind, dropping you down, down, down.

It feels so amazing to edge and eventually offer your cum tribute to your one and only Goddess: Madame Jade as I guide you through a virtual, astral experience. My powers of TRANC3 and seduction run deep as I keep you on edge. Will you ever return from My MATRIX? Do you really want to?

You are deeply Hypn0tizzed, on EDGE, and filled with PLEASURE.

My subliminal messages get you so turned-on, you don’t know what hit you. All you can do is float, obey and stroke on edge until I give you the release command.

**This Hyppn0t1c File contains: My sexy erotic breasts, lips, nails, and corset, Multi-layered sound tracks including intoxicating subliminal messages, ASMR whisper programming, mesmerizing spiral, crystal, and pocket watch induction, rhythmic brainwave entrainment, subliminal hypn0t1c suggestion & trigger, seductive mind manipulation, light sound textures.

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