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Shelle's Re-Form School - Class #8
Added: 03-21-2019

The 8th class of Shelle's Re-Form School for Obedient Boys...

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Sambas Brainwash - feminized sex Toy
Added: 03-21-2019

Welcome to my brainwash files. It is time for you to follow my instructions, to accept and repeat what I command. It is time for a change, a change that will be with you for the rest of your life.  Let me inside your deepest self to brainwash your mind, to become a feminized sex toy, to recognize that all the pleasure and happiness, the joy in your life, comes from being female. Anything sexual you are told to do, you will want to do with great pleasure. If you are told to practise sex, hard sex, dirty sex,  then you will do it willingly, and lovingly. Whenever you are demanded to give pleasure, you automatically experience the same sensations yourself. You are a feminized sex toy.

41:49 Minutes including, feminization, brainwaves and soft music.


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Quick As You Can JOI Super Loop MP3
Added: 03-21-2019

[20 minutes] A lot of the time, the slow sensual teasing just isn't right. You want a fast-paced mindfucking, where you're caught in an endless pleasure loop, endless servitude, completely in over your head from the first few seconds of masturbation. No one can do it like I do .. so why even fight it? You crave me and no one else, all because I know exactly what your mind and cock need .. and that's between you and I anyway. It's only you and I in this moment .. you and I, and the pleasure. Mindlessly horny and weak, all with me right in your ear. Stroke faster and faster and faster and faster. 

This file includes:

  • Intense Embedded Arousal Triggers
  • Endless Edging and Masturbation Instruction
  • Moaning, Dirty Talk, and other Sexy Voice Effects
  • Neuro-Linguistic Programming
  • Fast-Paced + Erotic Mindfucking
  • Mind-scrubbing Reprogramming
  • Cum Countdown Enslavement
  • Super Loop Sub Training
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Bad Boy!
Added: 03-20-2019

Bad Boys Are Perverted Boys!  Yum!

I want to taunt, tease, and control your stroking when you're indulging in your naughty masturbation habits. It's easy.  Get your porn videos loaded, turn off the volume, and then push play on this hypno recording and follow along with what I'm instructing you to do. Notice how the bodies are mesmerizing you, as they form a spiral of flesh and sex. 

After I have you aching and ready, you will then following my masturbation instructions and cum hard for me upon command!  Oh yes!  There's a cum command in this session.

Click the image to hear a sample and read more.

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Added: 03-20-2019

It’s time to let go of your mind totally. The truth is I need to empty it out so I can fill it with what I want. When you sink down deep in this trance you will forget everything, including your name. After all you don’t need it… you don’t need anything but My voice, My commands, My control.

This intense mind control hypnosis trance is very intense and it uses traditional hypnosis techniques like NLP, breathing, guided imagery, and a confusion induction to drop you like a rock, and super intense brainwashing elements, subliminal messages, over dubbing, delta brain waves, and so much more. Along the way you will feel aroused, be deeply transformed and trained using triggers, and hidden nuggets of mind control. It creates a deep addiction through mental arousal to Me, My trance files, and My Domination. Be prepared to want more and more… be prepared to forget who you are!

Don’t worry I let you come back to who you were with a few changes…

Length: 34 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: yes, very light and skillfully used with purpose,

Music: light soundscape & highly effective delta brain waves

Overdubbing vocals: yes, it will melt your mind, but not distract from the main vocal track

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Added: 03-18-2019
Just a look into my eyes and you already feel under trance. I tease you with my perfect body.. just a look and you get aroused.. just a look and you want to stroke.
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Added: 03-15-2014

Hast Du jemals darüber fantasiert mit Angelina Jolie zu schlafen, oder mit Brat Pit oder einfach nut mit Deiner Nachbarin?

In dieser erotischen Hypnose erhältst Du einen Trigger, mit dem Du deinen Partner beim Sex in wen auch immer verwandeln kannst. Sobald Du in einer erotischen Situation diesen Trigger sagst oder auch nur denkst verwandelt sich das Gesicht deines Partners in das deines Wunschpartners.

Das Gesicht, der Körper, einfach alles wird so sein wie Du es Dir vorstellst. Selbstverständlich verwandelt sich Dein Partner nicht wirklich, aber für Dich wird es so aussehen, sich so anfühlen als ob.

Du kannst den Trigger nur in einer erotischen Situation auslösen, schon beim Küssen am Anfang oder erst mittendrin. Und sobald Deine Lust auf Sex befriedigt ist, ist alles wieder normal.

Viel Spaß beim "fremdgehen" ;-)

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Deine Sklavin Teil1
Added: 03-17-2019

Diese erotische Hypnose macht dir das Geschenk einer eigenen Lustsklavin. Ich werde dir dieses Geschenk in einem extra dafür ausgestatteten Raum übergeben und dich dann ihren geübten Lippen und Zunge überlassen. Lerne erst einmal ihre BlowJob Qualitäten kennen und du wirst nie wieder anders kommen wollen, als in diesem extrem intensiven hypnotischen Orgasmus. Genieße deine Fähigkeiten des dominanten Mannes und lass dich so richtig verwöhnen. Ihre Erregung und Befriedigung liegt ganz in deiner Hand. Zeig der Bitch, wer der Chef ist, sie steht drauf.
36 Minuten
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