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New erotic hypnosis



69 is a magical and perfect number, that's the reason I decided to use it as a trigger .. You will become obsessed .. I will count from 1 to 69, snapping my fingers at each number. As the numbers go, the trance grows, to make you live a strong enchanting climax ..

9 min
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You are in a french lesson.. you are alone with the teacher.. but you are not listening her lesson.. she understands you are completely hipnptized by her lips.. she lick her lips and put you into a trance.. she loves so much to turn her boys into slaves..

11 min
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Sissy Hypno

I love using your weakness against you… I'll make you into a cum guzzler, will give you new triggers, make you squirt and spurt. My sweet sissy slut. Get ready, get comfy for the trance of your life!
Effects, subliminal messages (29:24)
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Forced Sissy

This file will help you accept your inner sissy.. make you all pink and wonderful. If you're wanting to feel some warm yummy pink this file is just right for you my pink bimbo doll

Background vocals
background music
Length: 20:49
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You are wrapped in a sensual embrace .. my sensual voice completely fucks your brain .. you feel my hands caressing your body .. I take off my bra and then the thong and I'm naked in front of you ..

13 min
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Healthy as a Horse

Ready to relax and feel Me brushing My HORSE... this file is designed to HELP you become HEATHIER and eat better as well as the EROTIC aspects of FEMDOM submission as My pony slave
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Fractioning for LOVE

Ready to relax and let your mind go deep for Me... fractioning it and taking you deeper and deeper while giving your mind triggers that will work to take it even deeper down
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Sexual Psychosis 2

Length: 53 minutes

Have I got a sensuous treat for you, My pet, an intimate and erotic encounter with Your Domina that will leave you blissfully spent as I take full control of your mind, or should I say My mind...

Come closer, My darling, let's snuggle as you lay next to My warm alluring body. Ohhh, I know that feels good, My tender embrace melting your troubles away as you quickly relax, surrendering effortlessly to the soothing cadence of My voice.

But, I need you to go nice and deep for Me in the session, so why not rest your weary head right here between My naked breasts, Mmm that feels good doesn't it? I know you love the way My skin feels against your cheek, My fingers playing with your hair, My shiny red nails smooth against your skin, a sensual avalanche designed to distract you from that fact I'm lulling you deep into My world of submission where I can Steal your Mind.

It's so easy to take you into My world when W/e are this close, every caress taking you deeper as you fall helplessly for Me. Like a seductive Siren's call, My sweet whispered words leave you powerless as I take full control of your deeply hypnotized mind, priming it for more of My delicious and devious programming. (giggles)

Listen and lust as I morph another hypno-fetish into a Sexual Psychosis, where I ravish your reality into a world of erotic bliss. Trust Me as you lose yourself in the moment, a sensual embrace you will never forget, and embrace the truth that you will always be Mine. LISTEN NOW!

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