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Do you want to cum like a fountain? So you must listen this hypnosis.. I hypnotize you with my sensual voice.. i moan all over the video while i put you into trance.. i am sure you don' arrive to the end without cum before..

15 min
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DRIVE with Esmeralda and her Friend

You have always wanted Me to do a recording with one of My friends, haven't you?  Ever since you met some of My strap-on wielding friends in Broken by Esmeralda, you have been craving for more attention and humiliation, from Enchantress Esmeralda and her Friends.  Well, kneel down and kiss the ground I walk on, because I will be fulfilling one of your wishes today.  

It's that time again … your performance evaluation with Enchantress Esmeralda, as she pops in on your drive in to work, but this time, she brings her friend Judy, to ride along to give you positive, reinforcing feedback on how well you have been doing, as her submissive slave.

You remember Judy, don't you, the strap on wielding dominatrix friend of Esmeralda's, who you intimately acquainted yourself with at Esmeralda's 'Broken' party, as you were her party favor. If you don't remember, perhaps she wiped your mind clean again! No worries, we can always create new, humiliating memories for you.

In this audio, Esmeralda and Judy discuss your strengths and weaknesses, and give suggestions for areas of improvement, never holding back on sarcasm, taunts, and humiliations, all designed for your self-improvement and on-going slave training.

Length: 38 minutes

Contains: Two female voices, background voice tracks, hypnotic deepener suggestions, humiliations, feminization, laughter, foot fetish, breath sounds, ambient traffic, background music

Does Not Contain: Hypnotic induction and Count up

Ethereal by Punch Deck |
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All Rights Reserved

You may not post any of My recordings or videos anywhere without My direct approval and knowledge.

You may not use any portion of My recordings or videos for personal or public use.

You may not Sell or Share any of My recordings or videos, even if you purchase a custom.  

A custom or general release recording or video is for your personal use only.

All of My recordings and videos are Owned by Esmerotica by Enchantress Esmeralda solely.

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Bimbo Witch

 omg.. it's almost Halloween!! devil

This file will be on many levels.. like, so.. many... levels... wowsers... both sides of your ears will be filled with brainwashing, voices, countdowns and mmmmm giggles, other fun things... you may cum, you may not.. but either way, you'll be sucked into my spell. Just in time for some Halloween PINK fun... time to sink deep.. so deep. I will guide you deeper and deeper as you listen to this. Stay focused on my voice and my words and sink deep into the pink.. so I can make you a pretty bimbo witch.. just in time for Oct 31st.. or whenever.

Length: 41:34

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Forever Feminized

You have a burning desire to be feminized, the desire to be the woman of your dreams. This desire will activate the required energy you need to transform. Let the images of your desire sink deep into your subconscious mind.

You deserve to be feminized. You want to be feminized, and you are motivated to be feminized as soon as possible. You are determined to achieve your goal, your feminine being,  and to live your life the way you want.

You want to be forever feminized! and you are emotionally, and physically capable of making the changeover as you desire.

Let my words trigger your transformation, feel a tingle round your body, as your deepest inner mind begins to feminize you.

It is time for a change in your body, it is time for a change in your mind, it is time for a change in you, it is time for you to change gender.

You want to feel comfortable with your body, you want to feel like a woman. But, first comes acceptance, then comes change.
Duration 41:18, including brainwaves, feminization and background music.

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I'm the most powerful witch on the world.. you are gere becouse you know i jave big powers.. i am able to read your mind.. i read your little secret.. are you scared?
Don't worry only me and you know your secret.. you want to be a woman.. you want to feel like a woman.. you want to be as beautiful as a woman.. so i have a powerful spell .. this spell could turn you into a woman.. and to start the life like a woman..

16 min
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Unreal BIMBO

This isn't real, I can't MAKE you into a mindless sexy HORNY bimbo sex toy... or can I?
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Succubus Fantasy

Are you ready to make fantasy reality with me your Succubus
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Welcome to the darkest fears inside you.. you are alone in the darkness.. you are so scared.. Can you survive till i break your mind?
I break your mind.. you are surrounded by the fears.. I force your thoughts to the hell..

12 min
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