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Interview with Mistress Evici

you here for the interview with Mistress Evici? For her personal slave, I mean….. Personal Assistant?.. Right… perfect…. Come come… you’ll be great.. Just makes sure you don’t do any eye contact with her, because if you do… she’ll be having you under her spell… no don't laugh… she will…

This interview won’t take too much of your time, some simple easy questions to ask you today… Well.. while you’re My assistant, I will have a pet name for you… her name will be Cookie… how do you feel about that?.... Yes, it is a very sweet name.. Very sweet….
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Training your mind

I'll bring you into the state of slavery.

Down into a deep trance.

to enter trance very quickly.

I guide and control you. You will listen and learn.

Trigger, training, Countdown, Trapped.
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Mind Fuck Three

IMPORTANT: This is a sequel and NOT a stand alone trance. Please have Mind Fuck ONE or TWO before listening. A good THRALL obeys and needs its mind fucked by Mistress LOVE
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Vacuum pumped

I know that you enjoy being used and controlled, and I love to watch you suffering.

I want you to feel my vacuum device, to feel how I apply it to your beautiful cock, to feel how I am hooking up your penis and your balls to my suction device and  proceed to turn it on.  

At the beginning it feels really good, as your cock and balls begin to swell inside of the vacuum chamber. But you will notice it beginning to become a bit painful and uncomfortable as they neared the maximum size.

The amount of stretching that happens will cause you some pain and I will watch you suffering. The only way to get it to go back down, is to actually start masturbating and to achieve orgasm, but....

Duration 36:43, including brainwaves, femdom, jerk off instruction, joi, tease and denial and background music.

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Cuckold for Patricia

Ever want to be called a pretty name? Like Patricia?.. ever want to be dressed up like a pretty satin whore and be FORCED to watch your lover being fucked by a bull?.... well then.. this is your kinda file.... you want to be hypnotized... but more so... you want the choices taken away... the control. you KNOW what cuckolding is... know what it feels like to be excited by having a female dominate you.

#humiliation#dominance #cuckolding

Length 23:00
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Fifty Shades

Fifty Shades: 41 minutes

Through My Hypnotic POWERS, be aware that changes I make will allow Me to CHANGE and control your emotional development and responses. As a word of warning, repeated listening may produce changes over time that can be quite intense. you may EXPERIENCE conflicting views in your daily routines/beliefs.

As My Guinea Pig I twist and dement your hypnotized mind in ways you could never imagine.

It’s time to give in and go DEEP into My world of EROTIC HYPNOSIS and ASMR domination as you FALL for your naughty Domina.

This mp3 MANIPULATES your beliefs and programs your mind with THE TRUTH.

So get naked, put on your collar and headphones and listen to My FIFTY SHADES now.

This session is rated - NGF - you may need a towel. NOT supplied, bring your own.

NGF - Non-Gender Friendly

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Trigger Trap

Length: 46 minutes

As you may know by now, I frequently warn listeners of My files that doing so can profoundly change your life. This is never an idle claim, it's simply a fact I want you to be cognisant of each time you surrender, inevitably, to My soothing words, knowing how absolute My authority is. In this hypnosis masterpiece I have crafted something very special for you, something that challenges your very notion of freedom and submission leaving you locked in perpetual servitude.

Be under no illusion, this EROTIC HYPNOSIS trigger'ed session is INTENSE MIND CONTROL and designed specifically to enslave and TRAP your will! Yes, I mean, literally SUBMITTING TO DOMINA'S WILL 24/7... As you consider those words, close your eyes and imagine the infinite bliss of SURRENDERING to your dangerous, deviant, Domina ad infinitum, always ready and willing to serve Me at My beck and call.

Intrigued? Well, the TRAP I have created (specifically for you) leverages on your unconscious actions to reinforce your prior subconscious conditioning, continuously triggering you. It's quite devious, really, but, I believe you are ready to take this next step on your journey to become My devoted obsedient slave. But, be warned, once you step inside My hypnotic cage, there will be no way back, no escape, it is far too irresistible for your open suggestible mind to resist, plus W/we both know you secretly crave the idea of being "completely TRAPPED" by your wonderfully wicked Domina, teased and denied for eternity... ~~~giggles~~~

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The Covid 19 Sniffy Mask JOI CEI


Lets play breath in the yummy cummies from our covid masks and become cum dumb

This clip has 3 stages BUT true fags will turn everything into 1 stage

Are you a true fag?

Lets find out

Stage 1 Rub and Cum into your covid mask

Stage 2 Put the mask away till you are horny again

Stage 3 Wear the mask till you squirt some more cummies


This is such a filthy clip aimed towards Gay Homo Faggots
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