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Witcher 2 Witcher Vs Succubus

out of the frying pan... into the fire... as a succubus finds you in the forest and brings you to the furs in her cottage
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Mindless EdgeSlut

This file will fuck your mind like no other ever has… providing you
obey, breath deep and slow… and drop into trance for Me.

You will EDGE and LOOP this file until you are exhausted.

You are My edgeslut … a mindless DRONE of a GOON… completely
rendered mindless by my unparalleled control…nothing feels better.

Goddess is always with you, in your mind… you can’t escape My exceptional
Power… and why would you want to?

Stoke and edge…. Stroke and edge… this is your new job and it feels so good.

And you know that I am the keeper of your orgasms… and I predict denial is
in your future.

There is a part of your mind that can ONLY think about edging… have no fear…

That's just part of being the edgeslut you are.

Edging means feeling good and pleasing Goddess… and that’s a good thing…
Wouldn’t you agree?

As you ride that edge, you will deny yourself over and over as you loop this file
as long as you can stand it.

Keep sinking, once all the way down, your obedience will be unconditional…
and since My voice brings you comfort, it will be so easy to throw you down that
mindless hole of obedience.

Keep rubbing and stroking….

This file you MUST have.

Madame Jade Paris

Edgeslut, denied, please goddess, goon, mindless, obey, worship, stroke, taste it
Drool, drained, edge, brainless, slut

File Includes:
33 minutes, Loopable, Multitrack voice, Mesmerizing techniques that will
take over your psyche, My superior voice, triggers, mantras, control chants, techniques of persuasion,
braindrain stair steps, orgasm denial, mind numbing sound textures
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Perfume 3

the scent of My perfume... will enslave you deeper
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The Goddess of Furs has you WRAPPED in My soft furry tails... unable to MOVE as the confusion trance BREAKS even the STRONGEST mind... and makes your arousal GROW... and MIND slow
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Super human Pussy Hunter

I want all of your senses heightened, and I want you to become more and more of a super human pussy man by creating massive arousal and excitement in your mind and in your body, especially in your cock and balls.

Women will start to notice  a tingling in their pussies when near you, from all of the sexually charged air around you.  Your ability to see, and smell their pussies is turning them on, and the air is filled with your electric, sexy, pussy man energy. They begin to feel this electricity in the depths of their pussies, and they know they are getting wet. You are making them wet.

Some women realize quickly it is coming from you. They dream of having their pussies fucked, and sucked like you do it.  The urge and arousal becomes so strong in them, the women become so hot and horny, so they may begin to uncontrollably approach you,  
flirt with you, or accidentally bump into you. Their minds are confused with massive sexual arousal.

I am going to turn the volume way up to maximize your super human power.

I am going to transform you into a one of a kind 'pussy man super human'.

Everyday your super human pussy man power will deepen and strengthen. So, listen to me and go out into the wild often, so more and more women can experience what it is like to be near you. Enjoy this world pussy man. It is all here for you to enjoy.

So many different women. So much Pussy to experience.

Become a superhuman pussy hunter.

47:40 Minutes including, pussy man, conquer women, joi, success with women, brainwaves and soft music.

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Mind Fuck 4

Ready to have your Mind FUCKED deeper and deeper. I recommend listening to Mind Fuck 1 to 3 first to really drop deep, and you won't even be aware your mind has dropped for Me. This file has an ORGASM and may make you forget and listen AGAIN. This DOES NOT have an awakener and can be listened as a LOOP
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Loss of control

I think you should be my good girl. That's nothing new to you when you listen to my other feminization files before.
#arousal #feminization #submission #trance #snaps #collar #sfx
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