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Lust Treasure

Not going to KILL you, just ENSLAVE you... You are the Secret Agent that has tracked me to the cave in a tropical jungle... but who is hunting who? As I use my special foam on you in ways that James Bond only wishes would happen to him. Stroking MORE then your mind away.
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You know i am a black witch and you know you can't resist me. But today i wanna bring you into a deeper trance, more then before, one step more deeper. I split your brain into 2 parts. You ear the voice of the evil fucking your brain. I turn you into a dissociated one. Schizophrenic mind and total devotion to me. I turn you into a bad boy, that always think to do bad actions, and just want to follow only his schizophrenic part. A total state of confusion that force you to come to me every day.

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Hello My "mesmer" slut...this file is about relaxing to the point where you have multiple hands free orgasms... you can either really have them, or imagine and visualize having them...either way is fine...

This file is a fantasy escape, and I'm featured inside a haunted house with walls that breathe...

Happy Halloween.

I love taking you deep...to program your mind to be the best of service possible...you see, I can program you to do...and like...just about anything...However, it is very important that you are able to relax, breath deep, and clear your mind of all thoughts...

I tell you to close your eyes at one point...and I know you want to watch the video...but...you can always watch it again later...if you like, you can imagine yourself closing your eyes...as they become glued tightly closed...

I program you as I see fit...worshiping and obeying Me...is equivalent to having sex...hard cock, open mind...

As My words penetrate the deepest areas of your primitive mind...you drop deep, as you relax...My words taste like candy...all resistance melts away as your breathing slows down.

Watch My crystal, clock watch, and cleavage, as I take over your mind...just relax and let My long induction drop you deep.

When I call you slave...warmth rushes through your body... and the color RED will trigger you...

If you are truly serving Me, you will let go of all your thoughts...you will let go of wondering what will happen...and just let me go deep into your mind...and stroke you until you cum automatically...

Now visualize...as My words sink deep into your mind and become your new way of thinking...

You are my horny mesmerized slave...obedient, loving to serve...you crave to drop deep into trance and to listen to My voice every chance you get.

Trancing and obeying your mistress...is synonymous with having sex...feel so good...you are deeply programmed.

Each and every time you cum...the brainwashing will be deeper and deeper and more solid with each time you listen to My voice.

You are owned and controlled, you desire to please...you will cum for Me...HANDS FREE

wait and listen for your cum command....

xoxoox Madame Jade

File includes: Long induction, countdown to cum towards the end, animated visuals, sound textures, rain, and thunder, My erotic ghostly image, My tush, cleavage and erotic poses. Multiple hands free O, countdowns, counts. Cartoon affect, 3D animation in a Halloween, moving, haunted hallway. My mesmerizing voice layered with subliminal, and a triggers. Come to Me...My pet..

*** remember, you can imagine and visualize in the event you are unable to achieve orgasm...
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Mistress Wants: Training Series Bundle

The "Mistress Wants" series is based on the intricacies of a loving D/s relationship. The installments are based on my personal philosophies and tastes regarding submissive men and an interest in them being healthy, communicative, and valued. 
Get the entire Mistress Wants Submissive Training Series and SAVE!
With this purchase, you will get all 4 audio sessions of the Mistress Wants Series:
Release Date: 10/19/2013
Recording Quality: Stereo
Length in Minutes: 105:29
Background Music: Yes
Subliminal Layering: Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions: Yes
Topics/Fetishes: submissive training, chastity, guided masturbation, femdom control
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My First Time

The video begins with Kym telling us about her fascination with hypnosis and how, as a young 18 year old high school senior, she found a way to trick her best friends Dad into being her hypnotic subject. As she describes the events leading to her hypnotic induction, you are invited to come along for the ride and she induces you into a trance as well. Then she begins to relive the event itself, taking you deeper as she does so, recounting how she dropped her skirt and had him kneel before her swaying hyps... I mean hips, using them like a swinging pendant to take her subject ever further into her spell. At last, she is overcome by the feelings and she gives into her passion while you are commanded to follow. As she reaches her climax, she will allow you to release along with her. In fact, you will cum only on her command to do so. If you want to download the full quality preview, just copy and paste this link into your browser: https://www.box.net/shared/qfqq3yp2ej Due to the graphic nature of the video and the full nudity, this project is priced slightly higher than our normal videos. The video is 31 minutes long.

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Obsess-a-Tessa Series


This series is formulated to systematically grow your addiction to me.
Part 1 BODY – Prepare to have your body and the pleasure that comes from it taken over and controlled by me.
Part 2 MIND – Your mind will be filled with visions and thoughts of me and me alone as I take over your mind.
Part 3 WILL – I take away your independent will and leave you with only thoughts of serving me and enriching my life.
Part 4 LOOP – This audio loop enhances all the suggestions given by me in the first 3 parts of the series.
Buy all 4 parts of the Obsess-a-Tessa series together and save $10.00
Release Date 11/07/2009
Recording Quality Stereo
Length in Minutes :
Background Music Yes
Subliminal Layering Yes
Post-Hypnotic Suggestions Yes
This contains 4 AUDIO files in a zip file.
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Pegged by LOVE

The typical night at the bar turns into your fantasy of being controlled and PEGGED by a Dominant Woman with a Strap-on, as you SINK under my covert seduction and EROTIC hypnosis. Soon I have you smoking a SPECIAL joint and stroking yourself as I change into My latex and adjust My strap-on to USE on you.
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Pink Bimbo Bimbo

Listen to me guide your mind and make you a pink bimbo bimbo for me.. Let me pink mind fuck you in both ears, making you into my pretty pink bimbo.
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