One Night with Her Bull

One Night with Her Bull

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella

This file was custom-requested by one of my slaves.
All mentions of their personal name have been removed.

To request your own custom file contact me

(Two mp3s included: Wife & Girlfriend versions)

Your wife's getting all dolled up for a night out... and you won't
be included. Where is she going? Who is she meeting? Your
little penis doesn't satisfy her, so she's out on the hunt for a
bigger, better cock. A masculine man who can't wait to pleasure
your wife in ways you could only dream of. Know your place,
sweetheart. This night belongs to your wife and her bull.

Watch her get ready, cuck. Showering, shaving her pussy,
putting on silky smooth stockings. She knows you're watching
and loves teasing you, especially since you're in a tight little
chastity cage. She's perfecting her body. Not for you, but for
other men. Bigger men.

And just like that, she's gone... out on the town, while you wait
for at home. Fantasizing, watching porn, trying to fall asleep,
but the thought of her keeps you wide awake. What could she
possibly be doing right now? Drinking at the bar? Grinding on
some guy at the club? Maybe even in another man's bedroom...
doing unspeakable things.

After an eternity, she returns home and you please her with a
foot massage. If you're lucky, she may let you jerk your little
dick and squirt all over her perfectly smooth legs. You know
she had a good night... but she doesn't tell you anything.
You're left to fantasize, to wonder what happened to that
supple, feminine body of hers. How many hands groped her,
how many cocks she sucked, how many loads she took inside.

You can see signs on her body. Smeared lipstick. Slap marks.
curious stains. It all fuels your cuckold fantasies, driving you to
imagine nastier and dirtier scenarios. Your wife and her bull. A
match made in heaven. Imagine what he did to her... just

20 Minutes of naughty cuckold fantasy

  • Cheating wife/girlfriend
  • Chastity (not required to wear while listening, but it helps)
  • Orgasm command (optional, you can just enjoy the
    fantasy without cumming)
  • Being ignored by your cheating wife/gf
  • Fantasizing about your wife/gf being fucked
  • Small penis humiliation
  • Feelings of inferiority
  • Female superiority

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