Orgasmic Liquid Latex - MP3 Audio - Handsfree

Orgasmic Liquid Latex - MP3 Audio - Handsfree

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris

This Hipn0tik file is for the handsfree latex lover. I begin with a lengthy induction. Headphones on as you focus on My silky voice and words. Relax and let your eyes close as I drop you into a deep trance. Imagine what it would be like to be deeply in trance as I guide you with My superior, trance inducing voice. Breath deep, hold and exhale…. repeat. I melt you with a progressive relaxation as My ball of energy passes through every inch of your body. The energy travels from your body perimeter to your cock as it explores every inch of your body. It helps you relax and become mindless. Penetrating and electrifying… little packets of energy Obedient, owned….dropping deeper and deeper as My voice takes over your being. As the energy spreads, you become aroused more and more as you become mindless, and fall so deep….so deep, you have not a thought or care in mind…. simply BLANK. EMPTY & OBEDIENT…Eager to obey....handing it all over to your Hypn0tik Queen. As your mind drops, your cock rises and you feel unable to open your eyes. Now that you are under my Hypn0tik spell …in deep trance, I begin to mix something delicious. I’m about to cover your body with a shiny black layer of liquid latex. Feel the pour of the latex, it’s both cool and warm as I plaint your complete body starting at your feet and working My way completely through to that place were all the energy accumulates. As you listen to the top layer, the second layer counts you down to orgasm, over and over again. I’m giving you a second skin, completely shiny and black, brushing it on, taking you deeper and deeper, further and further, covering every inch of your body. You feel arousal as you cum over and over again, the desire just won’t stop. Your cock hard, and covered in shiny black latex, I begin to shine you up bringing you to the edge once again. Feel My liquid stokes as you crave to serve, to be My Hypn0tik latex drone. CUM….. CUM…CUM…. You can’t stop yourself, you can’t resist, you want more, you crave more, you NEED more. As I stand above you in My latex catsuit, I love how you are bound by My liquid voice as I shine you up to perfection….enjoying every stroke My post hypn0tik suggestion will make you feel as if you are being covered with warm liquid latex every time a certain something happens. SHINE for Goddess xoxoxo M.J. **file includes: incuction, countdown, 3 voice layers, subliminal, sound textures, post Hypn0tik suggestion.

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