Red Lips (Choose Your Own Ending)

Red Lips (Choose Your Own Ending)

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

An erotic, trancetic fantasy unlike anything you’ve experienced
before. Gaze into the deep, dark red of my plump lips as I drop
you deep into a mindless trance, body exposed and vulnerable
to my every command. So deeply trancetized, who knows what
could happen. Will I feminize you mercilessly? Will I bring in my
well hung stud? Perhaps I’ll even give you a long, sensual
blowjob. The decision is yours, sweetie… In this fantasy, you
get to choose your own ending.

138 Minutes total, broken into 11 separate mp3s. With 3 unique
paths to choose from and 6 endings total, mix and match to
create unique scenarios. This file can be enjoyed by both
sissies and men.

After a chance encounter at the bar, you’re the lucky one to be
taking me home tonight. Don’t be shy, sweetheart… Why don’t
you come inside for a drink? Get comfortable in my living room
as I mix you a very special, very intoxicating drink that sends
you spiraling into a trancetic trance. The deeper you stare at my
juicy red lips, the more enslaved you become. At this point, the
story branches off into three paths:

Path 1 (sissy): Fully Feminized

Slip deeper for me as I dress you in girly things and give you a
stunning sissy makeover. Rub that itty bitty hairless clitty of yours,
while I turn you into a girly girl from the inside out. It’s okay to
moan like a girl, sweetheart. It’s okay to shiver as estrogen floods
your hairless, supple sissy body. When I slip a finger into your
tight, wet, gripping pussy, there’s truly no going back to your male
self. This path branches off into two unique endings that’ll have
you squirting your sweet sissy load.

Path 2 (sissy): Cocksucking Whore

You thought you had a chance with a woman like me? Think
again, sissy slut. I brought you back to my place for one purpose,
and that’s to please my hung boyfriend. Oooh yes, sweetheart,
you’re going to drop to your knees, worship his balls, and suck
his cock like there’s no tomorrow. Feel him stretch your little
throat as you stare deeply into his eyes, while your sissy pussy
is filled with my probing fingers, searching for that sweet little
G-spot of yours. Two separate endings branch off from this
path, both of which will force you to drain every last drop of
sperm from my man’s swollen balls.

Path 3 (heterosexual): Goddess Blowjob

You truly got lucky coming home with me, darling. Bask in a
mind-numbing trance as I do naughty things to your immobile
body. Whispering in your ear as I unbutton your shirt, caressing
your bulge until it grows nice and stiff, maybe even sucking the
precum right off the tip of your cock. You’ll feel like you’ve died
and gone to heaven when I part my red lips and slide them
down your throbbing shaft. When your ball start pulsing between
my teasing fingers, I’ll know you’re ready to blow. But where will
I let you cum? You’ll have to listen to both endings to find out…


How it works

(These instructions are also included in the .zip file when you
purchase). This scenario is broken up into 11 separate mp3s.
Start by making a playlist on your computer or phone’s media
player, then follow these steps:

  1. Intro

    The first mp3 in your playlist should ALWAYS be
    “000_Intro.mp3”. This is where the story begins.

  2. Path

    The second mp3 is where you choose your path.
    Example: “001_Sissy_Path.mp3”. There are three
    unique paths to choose from.

  3. Ending

    The third mp3 is your choice of an ending for your chosen
    path. Example: “001_Sissy_Path_Ending1.mp3”. If you
    use a different path’s ending, the story will not make
    sense. Only use an ending from the path you chose in step 2.

  4. Outro

    The fourth mp3 in your playlist should ALWAYS be
    “999_Outro”. This will complete the file, awakening you
    from trance.

Once your playlist is ready, get comfortable and slip deep into my
voice. Each path and ending is entirely different. Make multiple
playlists to hear them all!

138 Minutes total

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