SCARED STRAIGHT - The Broken Series

SCARED STRAIGHT - The Broken Series

SCARED STRAIGHT - The Broken Series

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Enchantress Esmeralda

From the dark, twisted mind of Enchantress Esmeralda, comes Scared Straight of the Broken series … 

In this erotic Femdom fantasy adventure, Enchantress Esmeralda takes you on a little road trip, in order to advance your Femdom training a bit further. In this adventure, I set up the scenario, but I allow your own imagination to take you where it will, so each listen may be very different. The day starts off innocently enough with the excitement of a road trip .. depending on how imaginative you are, this could turn out to be a joy ride, or your worst nightmare.

So … the girls and I got together last night, and we had a nice chat about you … we went over your latest evaluations from your most recent training session, and we came to a few conclusions. … but first, before we get into all of that … I thought it would be good for us to get out of the dungeon for a bit, take a nice, long scenic drive, and I can then give you the highlights of what we have planned for you, My pet. I can see you are excited about our little trip, as your caged cock has begun to drip, with excitement. Now, go get your collar and leash, and fetch Me my car keys, as I will be driving, this time. I know how you love to just relax on a long car trip, and listen to the hypnotic hum of the motor and the rhythmic sound of the tires on the hard pavement, as you just allow yourself to let go, and relax, as you listen intently to my hypnotic voice, as I talk to you and I explain how things really are.

I am sure you have seen T.V. shows where the little trouble makers are taken to a prison to be scared straight … in this erotic adventure, Enchantress Esmeralda takes you to a high security woman’s prison, in order to further your Femdom training.

CONTAINS: Introduction, Focused Intention Induction, Erotic FemDom Story, Affirmations, Count Up, Feminization, Humiliation, Mind Control, Brain washing, Anal Penetration, Strap On Play, Post Hypnotic Triggers, Finger snaps, Background whispers, Deepener, Multiple voice tracks, Sound Effects, Background music, Breath sounds

LENGTH: 74 minutes

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This little drive with Enchantress turns into much more than my tiny brain can comprehend.
Being left behind in the hands of sex starved women sounded like a fantasy cum true for a moment, but this also meant I had to watch Enchantress Esmeralda walk away forever. This predicament yielded extremely deep yearning to "Stay" under her control, caged in her dungeon and to be her "Forever Bitch".
More desperately dedicated to my one and only Mistress.


You are at Your most wicked in this extremely thought-provoking fantasy. You put me in a women’s prison dressed as a high-class hooker and then tell me to let my imagination run wild. This is a fantasy I have always had. To be ravaged by sex-starved women convicts doing with me what they will. It is the perverse pleasure I have dreamed of. Then you threaten to walk away and leave me there, and I am terrified at how it will end. I am thinking of the Tom Jans lyric “longing for the freedom of my chains.” You give me a choice. I choose to affirm my undying love and devotion for You. I will worship You no matter how cruelly You treat me. Are You the devil I know or my guardian angel? It doesn’t matter. You are the only one who really knows me and the only one I can trust, the Divine Ms E.