Simpering Sissy

Simpering Sissy

Simpering Sissy

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

This file was custom-requested by Goddess Ceara Lynch, to be used in one of her upcoming videos. To request your own custom file, click HERE

You're such a pretty simpering little sissy. It feels so good to submit to my voice, dress girly, and suck cock all day long. Submit your mind to superior women, swear off pussy for life, and feel your whole body surrender as I brainwash you into eternal sissy servitude.

A simple slip into trance is all it takes for you to become my helpless little servant, ready and willing to let me change your mind to the form I see fit. And the form I see fit is a girly, horny, whimpering little fuckslave, of course.

You love wearing girly clothing, and nothing feels better than slipping a pair of panties over your tight little chastity cage. Your clitty is far too small to be of use to anyone, so it's best to simply lock it away into permanent denial. Always limp, never hard.

As my seductive words melt into your helpless girly brain, your sissy clit starts leaking weak dribbling fairy cream. Such a pathetic little thing, it's not wonder you aren't fit to kiss a woman's stiletto heel... In fact, you'll never be worth of women. You're unworthy you touch my perfect goddess skin, let alone look at my pussy. All pussy is now off limits to you for the rest of your life.

No more pussy for you, but you may such as much cock as you like. You can't wait to drop to your knees for me and suck a massive throbbing penis until your mouth is absolutely flooded with manly sperm. The desire to suck cock will be so deeply ingrained in your mind that you won't even think of pussy ever again.

Throughout this file, I'll have you repeat certain sissy phrases that will help lock in all the changes permanently. Have fun with this one, my simpering little suckslave ;)

34 minutes of sweet sissy brainwashing

  • Sissy slut brainwashing
  • Crossdressing
  • Chastity and denial
  • Female superiority
  • Light humiliation
  • Limp clitty training
  • Pussy-free commitment
  • Cocksucking desire
  • Cum-eating desire
  • Stella-enslavement
  • No orgasm, just denial




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