Sissy Descent

Sissy Descent

Sissy Descent

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella


Surrender to a seductive, feminizing succubus in the middle of the night. Once I immobilize your body and drop you down into an endless sissy trance, you're mine to reshape as I see fit. Be careful, sissy... when you start this descent, you won't come back up the same.

I only appear to the horniest and most desperate of good boys, deep in the night... and I've come for you, sweetie. Obey me, and listen to my sweet voice as I guide you down into a hypnotic, erotic trance. I'm a special sort of succubus. Instead of soul-taking, I specialize in full body and mind feminizing. Get ready, cutie...

You dont need your male identity down here. Let's just get rid of it, shall we? I'll implant new memories, girly memories, into your sweet sissy brain, changing your thought patterns and sexual preferences for good. All the while, I'm stroking your stiff aching clitty, bringing you closer and closer...

Good girls suck cock, and I'm going to send you spiraling into a powerful cock addition so intense that you'll be walking the streets begging for cum. Your purpose is to look pretty and please muscular men's throbbing penises. You're a cockslut and you know it,  princess.

Each time I say my special trigger word, you fall even deeper in trance, descending down through layers of your subconscious mind, until we arrive at your core. The hornier you become, the more powerful I get. I may even grow something long hard and throbbing between my own legs... Why don't you listen and find out.

50 Minutes of succubus sissy seduction

  • Hypnotized by a magical succubus
  • Body paralysis into trance
  • Cocksucking and cum lust
  • Attraction to big strong masculine men
  • Masculinity replaced with femininity.
  • sissy pussy training
  • Masturbation instruction. Denial of orgasm until the end
  • Precum eating
  • Orgasm instruction
  • Rough dickgirl fucking


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