Sissy Mindbreak

Sissy Mindbreak

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

Intense brainwashing for only the nastiest cocksuckers and cumsluts. Succumb to
my seductive voice swirling around and around your helpless mind, changing your
sexuality from the inside out. With your manhood erased, clitty shrunken, and lust
for men enhanced tenfold, there's nothing left to do but drop to your knees, open
your mouth wide, and suck cock like a pornstar. Do not listen to this file if you have
any desire to hold onto your masculinity.

You were born different, sissy. That's a simple fact. You're not like the other guys,
with their defined muscles and long penises. You have a soft body, small clitty, and
submissive disposition. You can't escape your sissy nature, so simply obey my
voice and let your inner girl out.

Rub your pathetically small clitty as I tease you with fantasies of well-hung studs and
girthy, twitching, 10 inch cocks filling your sissy mouth. You can't help but be aroused
by men, it's in your sissy whore DNA. The more you rub your bitchclit and the more
you allow my words to brainwash your weak brain, the deeper in love with men you'll

Your body has one purpose: to please men sexually. Your hands are meant for
stroking, lips meant for kissing, and throat meant for fucking. Be a good girl for all the
big strong guys, especially when their balls are massively bloated with fertile sperm.
You're slowly turning into a horny little dickslave, completely and utterly addicted to

This file is meant to be looped over and over, each loop forcing my trance deeper
into the recesses of your subconscious until there's truly no going back. All you'll be
able to do is tease, lick, suck, and fuck. Hold still, sissy slut. I'm going to break your
little mind.

  • Permanent brainwashing
  • Cocksucking and cum lust
  • Intense attraction to men
  • Moaning, sucking, and orgasm sounds
  • Destruction of male identity
  • Loss of attraction to women
  • Masturbation and orgasm instruction
  • Loop command at the end of the file

30 Minutes

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