Sissy Mindwipe

Sissy Mindwipe

Sissy Mindwipe

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella




Let me wipe away your masculinity and replace it with pure feminine energy. After I've blanked out your helpless little mind, I'll fill it up with everything a sissy girl needs: girly thoughts, girly desires, and an everlasting arousal for long, throbbing, cum-spurting cocks. New year, new you... literally!

It's so easy to fall into a deep trance for me. You respond to my voice so well that your body instantly reacts whenever I speak. You'll notice that the absence of my voice leaves you with your thoughts, worries, and insecurities, so let's just wipe all that away for good... along with your male identity.

Let your body completely relax as I methodically wipe your mind of everything you thought you knew about yourself. Your fears, your memories, your manhood, even your name. Once you're completely blank, it's time to recondition you into the girl you've always wanted to be.

Without the burden of masculinity looming over you, you'll be able to fully integrate all the feminine qualities I provide you. A desire to dress in feminine clothing, wear makeup, go shopping with your girlfriends, and of course, flirt with hot guys. I'm going to build your feminine self from the ground up, filling the empty shell of your mind with nothing but sparkling feminine bliss.

As you stroke your itty bitty clitty, you'll notice a shift from gentle feminization to intense arousal, as I flood you with images of muscular men and hard throbbing cocks. You'll suck, fuck, and swallow until every last bit of masculinity is wiped out from your psyche. To finish things off, I'll seal the deal with a powerful sissy orgasm that will permanently instill all my teachings deep in your girly brain. There's no going back, sissy.

37 minutes of deep feminization

  • Relaxation into deep trance
  • mind erasure, replaced with girly thoughts
  • jerk off instruction
  • crossdressing desire
  • attraction to men
  • strong need to suck cock
  • craving to get assfucked by men
  • orgasm command


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