Sissy School 2

Sissy School 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

The long-awaited sequel Sissy School

Where do you think you’re going, sissy? Class isn’t over for you.
It seems you need more training after our last session. I’ve caught
you being naughty again, and it definitely won’t go unpunished.
Sit down, fall into my deep, sissifying trance, and let me weed out
every last bit of your masculinity. This time, I won’t be so nice. 

This file contains 49 minutes of intense
feminization and total destruction of your masculinity.

(Having a nice long dildo is suggested for listening to this file, but
not required)

Once a pervert, always a pervert. Don’t deny it beta boy, I saw you
grabbing a student’s ass after class. Looks like it’s time for another
private lesson… you need to be “instructed” more thoroughly than
last time. You’re powerless here, sweetie. Simply give in and let
me drop you into a trancetic trance.

To feminize you more effectively, I need you to look the part. Wear
your prettiest panties, sluttiest bra, and other girly accessories I
give you. You’re a stunning little girl, born to wear feminine slutwear.
The less male clothing you wear, the less of a man you are.

A massive black dildo on your chair.. How did that get there? Sit on
it, slut. Feel your masculinity being forcibly erased as every single
inch slides into your tight, virgin asshole… your sissy pussy. Listen
helplessly as I invade your mind and crush the last remaining
vestiges of manhood. 

But there’s one bit of manhood left… your attraction to women. I’ll
crush it for good this time. No more pussy. No more sex with pretty
girls. Just femininity, estrogen, and a deep lust for men’s hard cocks.

To make all your changes permanent, I’ve brought in someone… A
special little  helper (I won’t ruin the surprise), who takes pleasure in
punishing your clitty until it loses the ability to become erect. We
work in tandem to truly fuck your mind, ensuring that you’ll live as a
submissive girly slut for life.

My private lesson will leave you sissified, feminized, emasculated,
and incredibly horny. You may even be allowed to squirt your pathetic
sissy load by the end of this session… That is, if you manage to fulfill
your final task. Class is in session, sissy.

  • Deep relaxing trance
  • Dominant teacher fantasy
  • Dominant bratty bimbo classmate fantasy
  • Crossdressing
  • Humiliation
  • Clitty shrinking
  • Slapping your ovaries (not required, you can simply listen)
  • Permanent limp clitty
  • Removal of attraction to women
  • Destruction of masculine ego
  • Deep feminization
  • Cock lust, cum lust
  • Drinking sperm
  • Female superiority
  • Diddle-instruction
  • Many mantras to reinforce sissification
  • Use of a huge dildo (optional to use one in real life as you listen)

49 Minutes

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