Sissy Suckhole

Sissy Suckhole

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

Turn your pretty little mouth into a permanent sissy suckhole.
Slip inside my fantasy and kneel at the gloryhole, lips plump
and inviting, ready to suck. Take more than your mouth and
throat can handle as I brainwash your delicate sissy mind into
cock-hungry delirium. As your suckhole gets hungrier, the cocks
only get bigger, overwhelming you completely. Listen and
become my sweet little suckhole.

This file contains 69 mouthwatering minutes
of slutty suckhole brainwashing. My longest file EVER!

Listen to my voice, as I guide you deep down into a trancetic
trance. Focus on the perfectly round hole in front of you. You
can’t seem to look away… it’s entrancing… enticing… and
something’s coming through.

Open wide and let his cock slip inside. Lick, tease, suck, and 
slurp as it slides deeper into your mouth. It’s the first of many
cocks, and you’re very eager to please. 

The cocks only get bigger with each guy you suck. Dicks thick
enough to stretch your suckhole wide. Penises long enough to 
plunge down your throat. Cumloads big enough to cover your 
jiggling sissy titties entirely. 

While you suck, your mind is relentlessly assaulted by my
suckhole brainwashing. Feel me make modifications to your
thought patterns.. as well as your slutty body. Sissified…
Feminized… Bimbotized… your body becomes sluttier and 
girlier the more your suckhole is fucked.

After an entire hour of teasing, stroking, sucking, and edging
your pathetically small clitty, I may just let you squirt your sissy
load. That is, if you can satisfy the biggest cock of all…

Good girl. Relax and let me turn your slutty little mouth into a
hot, wet pussy. A slutty sissy suckhole.

  • Deep relaxation and trance
  • Gloryhole fantasy
  • Cocksucking
  • Deepthroat
  • Throatfuck
  • Mouth becoming a suckhole
  • Feminine body transformation
  • Light bimbofication
  • Cock worship
  • Testicle worship
  • Cum addiction
  • Lots of edge commands
  • Sexy whispering throughout
  • Big black cock
  • Plenty of sucking and moaning sounds
  • Cum command

69 Minutes

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