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Sissy Training 19 : Panties

Sissy Training 19 : Panties

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Surrender

Welcome to the world of sissification! Such pleasure awaits you as you submit to My control. Sissy Training.... such a delicious Training session today. A little humiliation - humiliation that turns you on-as I catch you dreaming of wearing women's panties.... and tell you that you can't be a real man...you must be a sissy. A sissy slut loves the feel of sexy feminine underwear...thongs, lacy panties..... I take control of your fantasy about wearing women's panties...and take that fantasy even further. I train you to wear women's panties.... hypnotise you to become a pantie slut who loves the feel of panties next to your skin. you crave the feel of silken, sexy feminine panties. you can't be a real man.... real men don't wear women's panties. Real men don't crave feminine, silken panties...


 Extensive conditioning to embed My words and My hypnosis….. This recording is based on My experience as a Therapist, working alongside tg, femme, cd, tv, sissy and all who identify as femme.

The recording continues My programme of feminisation and sissification using INTENSIVE conditioning and programming to release your inner feminine self.


Theta Brain music, subliminals that are designed to slip... slide... into your subconscious mind as I sissify you to crave panties....have you become My panty wearing sissy slut. Hypnotic trigger phrases, Post Hypnotic triggers, panty addiction, obedience training, forced feminisation, forced sissification, sissy training, long induction, no awakener.
43 mins.

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  • Author: mike
    This is not my first recording of Lady Surrender and i have found that i respond very well to Her voice and methods. The induction and deepening of the trance is very effective. This took me very deep and to that totally blank empty state of mind. i don't want to give anything away...but this recording left me in such a state of helpless arousal...getting close to painfully aroused!!! i never knew being Her sissy could feel so good...
  • Author: gs/hypnotoy
    Lady Surrender, I finally managed time after finishing work to pick up a parcel that Amazon had tried delivering to me. Not really remembering ordering anything, I was shocked to find a pair of shiny pair of silky purple panties. No note attached, just a receipt. Freaked out I hid them in my room, checked my bank and found that, yeah, at some point in the blank time period I'd described to you before when looping your sample I'd ordered a pair from Amazon of all places. Obviously, no real memory freaked me out and I tried my best to carry on with my evening. Time to go to bed came and curiosity was getting the better of me. I needed to try them on and as soon as I pulled them up everything came back to me. I was uncontrollably aroused, virtually shaking and pretty giddy. I sat down on my bed to clear my head but nothing seemed to come to me except the need to listen to your files. And that's what happened...And after waking after the first time, I put them on loop... until the morning. I had set my alarm early so that I would have time to wake and clear my head, guessing I'd be knocked for a loop. And that's what happened. When I woke things seemed much simpler, except for the state I was in. I was excited, aroused, relieved and also slightly freaked out. - gs.
  • Author: gs/hypnotoy
    Lady Surrender, Thought this might amuse you. I left the Whisper intro to the track looping whilst I got on with some work and then surfed the net for a while. At some point I ended up on my floor, on my hands and knees, masturbating to orgasm whilst surfing sissy tumblr sites. Orgasm sorta kicked me out of my trance but it took a good further half hour to get my head fully back in the game. Judging by that sample either this session is going to be deadly or I'm further in than I ever thought... Or Both. Alarm set early, just so I can check if it's out before work. yours gs
  • Author: mike from inraptured.net
    5/11/14 Lady Surrender, my sissy clitty is so sensitive from not being touched. So aroused. Longing to serve You! So hot. Such a sissy slut !!! Oh fuck...please use me Lady S! i beg You!!! Please fuck my sissy clitty & sissy pussy! Please!!! - mike.