Sissy trance

Sissy trance

Sissy trance – Uncover your true desires

Traditional porn is not for everyone. Of course, it can sync with the desires of some men. But it fails to do so for those who can’t stop thinking about being sissy maids. It’s like a basic need of your body, which becomes more overwhelming with each passing day. And you can’t ignore your true self if you want to be filled with lasting happiness. Better yet, let one of our dominatrixes cater to your needs through sissy erotic trance. listens to your call, whatever it may be. We want you to get pleasure not only in commonly accepted ways but also from alternative ones, like sissy trance audios. Is it wearing lingerie that makes you feel sexually liberated? Or are you obsessed with being submissive to your rough mistress? Give erotic trance a go, and we’ll get your juices flowing.

Even if you have some wild idea you’ve been toying with for a while, just let us know. Don’t take this wrong: you have no power over your trancedomme. But perhaps, she may show clemency for the sake of your utter delight.

Sissy trance MP3s turned on at the push of the Play button

Make no mistake, your trancedomme is up for it. Once you’re ready to feel sissy, to any desired naughtiness extent, browse the available range of audio and video files on There are a number of dominant madams who are well up on what exactly turns you on.

Are you thirsty for getting aroused by experiencing sissy audio trance? Think of it as the starting point for your coming. But first, you need to place your order and download the coveted femdom file. And only after that can you play it and reveal your inner sissy together with your mistress. Or should we say, while being dominated by her?

Note that some sissy trance audio files found on come with free samples. Play or download them without further ado to get an idea of what kind of sissification pleasure you’re about to experience in a moment.

Erotic audio books


Die Harems Sissy

Ein erotisches Hörbuch, das dein Sissyherz sehr hoch schlagen lassen wird. Du besuchst die Königin von Ayodhya in ihrem indischen Palast. Sie ist bekannt für ihre ganz besondere Gastfreundschaft. Jeder Gast erlebt hier ein Fest der Sinne und es sollen wirklich alle Sinne befriedigt werden.

Du bekommst ein Getränk eingeflößt, das dich sehr entspannt und willenlos macht. Und schon wirst du in den Harem entführt. Die Haremsdamen wissen, was du bist, Sissy und richten dich sofort entsprechend her. Wenn du gedacht hast, dass du der Gast bist, dann warst du auf dem Irrweg. Du bist das Gastgeschenk und dafür wirst du jetzt trainiert.

Nachdem du hübsch gemacht wurdest, wirst du entsprechend getestet und erprobt. Zunächst musst du beweisen, dass du meine Haremsdamen mit der Zunge befriedigen kannst, auch dann, wenn du „durch die Hintertüre“ sehr abgelenkt wirst. Doch das ist erst der Anfang. Wirst du auch mit zwei meiner großen Jungs fertig, die dich gleichzeitig benutzen?

Eine wundervolle harmlose Reise, die dich trainiert und erregt. Es gibt keine bleibenden Vorschläge an dein Unterbewusstsein, nur eine schöne Erinnerung und ein Reiseziel, das du immer und immer wieder ansteuern möchtest. Komm nach Ayodhya und lass dich ficken.

40 Minuten 71 MB Mp3 Download

Soundeffekte, Heartbeat, Binaurale und isochronische Töne, Hintergrundmusik, Flüsterspuren, Wichsanleitung

Grouch Binaural Meditation Session by Grouch NZ ( both Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
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Sissy cock hunter 2

You want to be able to see very clearly each man's cock in your mind when you are near men, even when you see pictures of men on TV, or in a movie. You want your powers especially strong when you are near men in person, to be able to develop something like X ray vision.

I want this power to grow and grow in you, more powerful everyday you are near men, and turn into infinite powers beyond your wildest imagination. Your cosmic psychic abilities will enable your mind to easily see, and sense through men's clothing, so you can see their cock so very clearly in your mind, and sense when he is  feeling super sexy, flirty or even horny.  

I am going to turn the volume way up to maximize this cock hunting super power.
I am going to transform you into a one of a kind 'cock hunting super sissy'. 
Everyday your super human  power will deepen and strengthen. 
Listen to me and go out into the wild often, so more and more men can experience what it is like to be near you. 
Become a super sissy cock hunter.

41:00 Minutes including, sissy trance, cock hunter, conquer men, brainwaves and soft music.

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BBC Game

This is one of those files that can be listened to by either sex, but in my mind, I see it being a woman listening, but you never know. Maybe as a man, you want the challenge in a game. This is a simple game, meant for a simple mind.
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Sissy cock hunter

I know, that you are a sissy who loves and knows cock so very well. You love all kinds of cocks. You love the hunt for cocks, they are so available every where you go, and you want them easy for you to find.

You love to hunt and conquer men, to give them and their cocks the pleasure of your amazing sissy being. You are truly blessed, and so are the men that have  the opportunity to experience your abilities, skill and talent.

I am going to turn the volume way up to maximize this cock hunting power, to enhance the world around you, and all of your cock hunting and fucking.

Everyday your cock hunting power will deepen and strengthen. So, listen to me and go out into the wild often, so more and more men can experience what it is like to be near you.

Become a perfect sissy. A perfect sissy cock hunter.

34:00 Minutes including, sissy trance, conquer men, perfect sissy, hunt for cocks, brainwaves and soft music.

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My sissy whore

I own you, you are my special slutty sissy whore. You are going to have the night of your life. I am going to dress you in my boudoir, to create you into the perfect sexy slutty sissy whore that you long to be.

To show everyone that you are mine and that I own you, I am going to give you a special present. A black collar and matching lead, decorated with beautiful shining diamonds.
Once you are ready we are going to go to the most amazing club of your life, MY club.
I find you the perfect large black cock to suck and leave your red fuck me lipstick on and the perfect large white cock to fuck your sissy pussy. Your face ends up covered in cum and and your sissy pussy is filled with cum. So cum with me for some mind blowing fun.
45:56 min, sissy hypno, brainwaves, background music, sublimes and soft whispers.

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Bimbo Loop

this bimbo loop will brainwash your inner bimbo to crave the taste of cum from men or women through hypnosis, pleasure, binaural, subluminal programming. Can be listened to by male or female
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Pink Bimbo Crystal Turning the Tables

Deciding to hypnotize me with a PINK crystal was the first mistake, because soon you will drop deep for me and repeat the mantra I say bimbo
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Sissy BIMBO Whore

When the mind is in a state of pleasure and DEEP trance... it can be reprogrammed into a whore for Me
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