So Unworthy

So Unworthy

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Mistress Stella

This file was custom-requested by one of my slaves.
All mentions of their personal name have been removed. 

Women are so far out of your league, sissy. Just give up on
pussy forever. You’re unworthy of even touching a woman’s
sweetly scented skin, while real men can kiss, fuck, and cum
inside pretty girls on a daily basis. All you can do is diddle and
slurp up your sissy precum while I put you in your sissy place.
You’re such an unworthy beta slut.

This file contains 18 sensual minutes
of pussy-free brainwashing

Close your eyes and imagine sexy, gorgeous girls. Beautiful
faces, curvy bodies, round asses, bouncing breasts, and tight
gripping pussies. Guess what, sissy… they’re all out of your
league. Too bad.

Good girl. collect all your precum and slurp it up as I explain
your place in this world. You’re unfit to kiss a woman, suck
her breasts, or finger her pussy, let alone fuck her with your
pathetic clitty.

Real women don’t want you in the slightest. They want big fat
cocks with balls weighted down with sperm. Monster black
cocks that stretch their pussies wide before filling them with
fertile jizz. You can’t compete, so simply give up.

No more sex. Your clitty is useless to women, meaning you
yourself are worthless to women sexually. From now on, you
won’t even be able to look at a woman’s privates. Only censored
porn is appropriate for beta bitches like you.

Sink deeply into my voice and loop this file until all my
brainwashing has settled in for life. Feel your attraction to women
disappear as your lust for men skyrockets. Good girl.

  • Unworthiness around women
  • Infertility
  • Limp clit humiliation
  • Comparing your sissy body to real men
  • Female superiority
  • Eating your own precum
  • Diddle-instruction
  • Loss of attraction to women
  • Attraction to cocks and men
  • Desire to only look at censored porn


18 Minutes

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