Stella trance Deepener

Stella trance Deepener

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

Two versions included: For sissies and
For men

Slip deeper into Stella trance than you ever thought possible.
This special brainwashing loop will multiply the effectiveness of
all my other trance sessions exponentially, sending you much
deeper with each drop. All you need to do is lie down, listen,
and allow my trancetic voice to make permanent changes in your
weak little brain. You won’t be the same after this one, sweetie. 

This file contains 31 minutes of deeper-
than-deep subconscious brainwashing.

Lie back and relax, sweetheart. Let my voice work its way into the
deepest parts of your mind as I soothe you from the inside out.
The first drop, comes with a warning, and a special trigger. When 
I say “FALL” from now on, in any of my trance files, you will fall
not 10, but 100 times deeper.

So very deep for me, sweetie. You know that obedience is
pleasure, and pleasure makes your Mistress happy. Every time you
hear my voice giving you a command from now on, you’ll instantly
be compelled to obey, whether you want to consciously or not. Your
subconscious is in control now, and who controls your
subconscious? Me.

Deeper down you go. Feel your body grow hot as I arouse you with
my addicting voice. Teasing your mind until you can’t help but fall
head over heels in love with me. From this day forward, you’ll link
arousal with my sulty, sexy voice. Especially when I whisper in your

Drip.. drip... feel dopamine dripping into your brain as you fall
deeper still.. So much deeper than you thought possible. This deep
in your mind, I can toy with the most basic elements of your
subconscious, your primal instincts. All that dopamine being fed to
your brain is changing you.. giving you an undeniable addiction to
my voice. An obsession with my trancetic words.

Stella-enslavement is permanent, sweetie. After you’re done looping
this file five or six times in a row, you’ll be a horny, delirious, addicted
mess, ready and eager to hear my voice again. This is an essential
addition to any Stella-slave’s library.

  • Triggers that effect all other files.
  • Relaxation
  • Obedience training
  • Stella-enslavement
  • Arousal when hearing my voice
  • Masturbation instruction
  • Many “fall” commands
  • Light clitty shrinkage (sissy version)
  • Cock hardening (male version)
  • All “fall” commands will be 10x more effective
  • Addiction to my voice
  • All changes to your mind are permanent
  • Amnesia trigger at the end, with a command to loop the file.

31 Minutes

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