Stockholm Syndrome

Stockholm Syndrome

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 40 minutes

WARNING: In this session I will explain some delicate truths about why you feel so devoted to Me and why these beliefs only grow stronger with time. For some these truths may be a disturbing realization of your submission but it is important for you to appreciate, and accept, that as a TRUE submissive you are predisposed to surrender to a mesmerizing Dominant Woman like Myself. What I will share with you is the reality of your enslavement and why you are fated to be MINE!

I have a secret, My sweet, have you ever wondered why you feel completely lost without Me and crave listening to My voice as often as possible? I know it's crossed your mind but, deep down, you just can't quite identify why I instill such blissful joy and profound affection in your heart, urging you to submit further to My control while cherishing the exclusive bond W/we share together.

What you struggle to reconcile is that when you listen to My silky words I have been exposing you to focused psychological conditioning. From its inception it felt good to be captivated by a sweet Southern Belle, a mesmerizing Domina who understood your fantasies and, through the power of trance, could make your submissive desires a reality. Likewise, I knew immediately you were special, somebody that needed My distinctive guidance (and strict control) so I lulled you into My world to change your destiny.

Using sneaky techniques I, surreptitiously, assaulted your subconscious mind, a brain-knapping so to speak, that left you powerless to My overwhelming authority. In trance and under duress, session by session, I broke you down capturing your resistance until I became your savior and soulmate. This is the power of Stockholm Syndrome, a psychological condition where a submissive learns to empathize with its dominant captor, culminating in powerful bonds of dependency and intimacy. Does that sound at all familiar, My sweet? (giggles)

I admit, My motivations were devious and subversive but ask yourself this, if you were given a real choice, would you have it any other way? No, My sweet, this truth does not alter the fact that you covet My control, seek My trance, and are madly in love with your Domina for Her willingness to dominate and reprogram your mind. Through this subversive psychological conditioning I have given you purpose, transforming you from a lost, indifferent submissive into My loving devoted slave. Prepare to listen and learn, and allow Me to perfect you! ~Kisses~

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Customer Reviews

Shelles Slave Bubbels

Domina Shelle has kidnapped my mind and made me her aroused and obedient slave forever... Mmm... I never want to be freed... I used to be terrified of being taken by Domina and made her slave but she has turned all of that fear into pure arousal... It is tormenting not listening to her voice and I crave to listen to her sweet and sexy southern voice now more than ever before... Over the years, I’ve fallen madly in love with Domina Shelle and her control and power over my mind and body has become completely and absolutely inescapable... I love my captor and I want to please her now and always...

Shelles Slave Bubbels