The Babysitter's Bitch ! HD

The Babysitter's Bitch ! HD

The Babysitter's Bitch ! HD

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A femdom erotic trance by Angel Au Lait
"I'm not your Mommy. I'm your babysitter."

You have no idea how you got here but you know one thing for sure: your brain is absolutely fried. You can't get a thought together and everything feels warm and fuzzy. As the moment unfolds, you realise that Angel has captured you and decided to take you in as her personal mindless babyboy! She puts you in a Nappy and feeds you milky from a bottle ... and you start to feel it again, your brain slips away. She poisons you with her sweet cruelty and you're left watching her, enamored. With each passing minute, you feel Angel probe through you and she takes you over, taking control. You can't speak any more, you start babbling like the little slut you are. Drooling, you watch your new caretaker ... even as she abuses you. The milky makes it so you can't say no .. you can't escape ... Angel has to take care of you ... FOREVER. She instructs you to feel out your new headspace ... and you're embarrassed at the whole ordeal. But still ... you can't stop! Something about it, you're fucked. What will you do when she asks you to make a mess in your diapey? Humiliation. ABDL. Brainwash. Toilet Fetish. Diaper wearing. Age Regression. trance. 10:30 minutes. 1980p video mp4.

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