The Fertility Clinic

The Fertility Clinic

The Fertility Clinic

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella




This file was custom-requested by one of my slaves.
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Enter my clinic a man... and leave as a pregnant woman. You've come to me with your wife to try and cure your fertility issues, and I have just the method to help you both. You think this is a normal procedure, until you see your wife being fucked in the other room, and notice your body has started transforming into that of a girl! An alpha bull is waiting for you, and there's an open spot on the bed, right next to your beloved... There's no need to resist my treatment, sissy. Just listen and obey.

Close your eyes and listen as I take you deep into a clinic setting, where I run the show. You and your loving wife have signed up for special fertility treatments, but little do you know, she isn't the one with impotency problems...

My methods are different than most. I've devised a foolproof method to guarantee 100% fertility success rates in couples just like you. All you need to do is take this special pill. But you soon realize that my plans are more devious than you initially thought.

As the pill works its way into your body, I reveal that your wife is in the next room getting fucked by my alpha male assistant. She willingly signed up for this, and you had no idea. Feel your body change in reaction to the medicine, becoming girlier, prettier, sluttier by the minute. Soon your penis is completely replaced by a fully functional pussy, complete with uterus and ovaries. If you weren't fertile before, you certainly are now.

After the changes are complete, it's time to join your wife in a hot steamy breeding session. There's another man in that room, and he's waiting to fuck your tight little pussy. If you let them cum in you and in your wife, both of your fates will be sealed as pregnant fuckslaves.

42 minutes of cuckolding and female transformation

  • fantasy scenario - dubious fertility clinic
  • infertility
  • body transformation
  • Feeling inferior compared to real men
  • small penis humiliation
  • genital transformation. Penis to pussy
  • Attraction to men
  • cuckolding
  • cocksucking
  • sex with men
  • orgasm command
  • impregnation


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