The Goon Plague MP3! Brainmelt! WARNING
The audio from the popular GOON PLAGUE video. I know you haven’t been feeling exactly RIGHT lately. Something has been off, to say the least. You have to trust me. You have been feeling endless cravings, yearnings, and something in your mind keeps telling you to go .. go .. go. I think I understand what you are going through .. you are displaying all of the symptoms of the newest ailment that is affecting most patients your age. I am sure you’re feeling a little fuzzy now, too .. a little mindless. A symptom is disorientation. Another .. is arousal and by the look of you .. I think I can say safely that without testing you .. you are being affected. It’s called Goon-69 .. or the Goon Plague. I know you might be nervous however, we have a cure. Please be patient and relax. You trust I am going to make you feel better, right? Good. Sit back, and I will begin administering the cure in just a few moments. There are a few things I’ll need you to do beforehand. Please get naked for me, and do not put on the robe that we have left for you … Clear your mind and take a few deep breaths before I begin giving you the goon cure. I will admit, patient, that you will begin to feel the symptoms more intensely before they truly go away. This means you will feel intensified pressure in your balls, increased arousal, increased addiction to sexy as fuck women, overwhelming urge to stroke your cock for hours on-end, an unfortunate sense of weakness, obedience, subservience to the goon hole .. why don’t you come in with me .. come into the goonhole .. dive in .. dive in headfirst. And let it begin. Let it take you over, let it pulse through your veins … The Goon Plague is coming to a peak and coming to convert you. Let the infection spread and change you from the inside out. It’s time to GOON. [Warning: May Cause Goon Addiction , May Cause Angel Addiction] See full description.
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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Superior Angel
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