The trancetherapist ESMERALDAS SATIN DOLL

The trancetherapist ESMERALDAS SATIN DOLL

The trancetherapist ESMERALDAS SATIN DOLL

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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I’m really glad you came back to Satin Therapy, My pet.  It’s good to see you, again. 

When you fall back and slide down into your satin addiction, you know’s wrong.  You know’s wrong ..   but you just can’t seem to help yourself, can you?  Deep down you feel guilty.  

Just….Looooook at yourself…..rubbing that satin cum cloth between your grubby little hands, your addiction hangover hankie, so silky to the touch …. You just have to touch it, don’t you?

Feel the guilt.  The warm feeling of….shame…… When you even think about your shameful act…... Guilty as fucking...sin.   

That is why you came back, that is why you always return .. to your satiny trancetherapist ..  for more of my alternative satin therapy treatments.  Through our past therapy sessions, the ones you evidently don’t remember anything about because of my effective therapy, we will add additional therapy treatments, for an effective layered approach, just like your addiction to layers and layers of shiny, silky satin.  

For this session, I tell you a story about my satin dolly, how I found her, and what makes her so special, and how I use her in my alternative satin therapy treatments.  Serious addictions like yours, takes out of the box strategies, and Dr. Es is quite skilled in using unique therapy approaches.

During this brain draining trance you will go deeply under in no time because I use all sorts of classic trance techniques, and tricky covert conversational methods that your slow motion brain could never figure out.  I toss in a new devious mantra for you to repeat that takes you deeper, and makes you harder as you fall prey to My stupefying trancetic head games.  This trance has all the bells and whistles you would expect from one of My erotic mind control trance files.

Grab yourself some silky satin, slip on your headphones, and get ready to submerse yourself in another satin addiction therapy session.

LENGTH:  52 minutes

CONTAINS:   Brain Washing, Mind Control, Humiliation, Light Feminization, Multi-Voice Tracks, JOI, Humiliating Laughs, Binaural, Background Music, Finger Snaps, trancetic Suggestion, Post trancetic Suggestion, Count Up

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I love all of Your satin files but this one took me to a new level of trance. The ambience is intimate, relaxing, and seductive as You weave Your spell in a perfect mix of whispers, music, background voices and binaural sounds.At the center of course is Your sexy dominant voice leading me into a world where I am not sure if anything is real except for my addiction to satin and Your silky satiny voice.