The trancetherapist - RESISTANCE THERAPY

The trancetherapist - RESISTANCE THERAPY

The trancetherapist - RESISTANCE THERAPY

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

You noticed on your calendar that today, you have an appointment to see your trancetherapist. However, you have no memory of making that appointment. You decide to keep the appointment, since your trancetherapist has been on your mind a lot lately .. 

… and that is because ..  I have been reading your mind. You still think you can escape My powerful control, don’t you? You pathetic loser. You think you can slither away .. for a day .. a week .. a month .. and that you will be safe … but you cannot escape My voice, can you? Even when you don’t listen to my audios, you cannot escape My voice. You opened the door, and you let me in .. and I have set up permanent residence within your weary mind .. and that scares you a little bit, doesn’t it? It’s ok, I understand. Giving up full control, can be a very scary thing, can’t it? Well, don’t worry .. I am going to help you.  You have done the right thing, by returning to see your .. trancetherapist.  You want me to help you to release that heavy burden of resistance, don’t you? Of course you do!

Now that I have you, right where I want you, I have something very special that is going to help you. I have something very special that is going to help you, over cum .. your resistance. I have a new trance technique that is going to permanently melt away and remove all resistance, from your weary submissive mind. I am going to melt and erase, all traces of resistance, and I am going to turn you, into the perfectly obedient trancetic submissive slave, that I know you truly desire to be, once we have permanently removed the last of your resistant reserves.

Now … Step into My office, make yourself comfortable, and just .. listen!

Length: 43 Minutes

Contains: Mind Control, Brain Washing, FemDom, trancetherapy, Multi-Layer Voice, Whispers, Finger Snaps, trancetic Deepener, Post trancetic Command, Affirmation, Background Music, Breath Sounds, Count Up, Worship, Boot Worship.

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Customer Reviews

Daniel Z

Enchantress has always been really powerful, but She has become so much more powerful now.
I have purchased this file and listened.
If I had any doubts before, they're vanished. She pulls the strings and i dance for Her.
I cannot escape, even if I wanted.
Your voice keeps me alive and gives me a reason to live for. You are not the same now, but much more powerful.
You can break me easily if i betray You. You know how to.
You pull the strings and i dance for You.

Daniel Z