THE tranceTHERAPIST - The Satin Librarian

THE tranceTHERAPIST - The Satin Librarian

THE tranceTHERAPIST - The Satin Librarian

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A femdom erotic trance by Enchantress Esmeralda

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I must say … I was a bit disappointed to see that you had made another trancetherapy appointment ..  with your trancetherapist .. I don’t want to say it but … I knew this would happen.  It seems rather than subsiding, your addiction to silky satin has increased in duration and intensity.  Oh my, that is a bit unsettling, after all of the therapy we have done together, thus far.  It seems we need to employ some different, more alternative strategies.  There is this new therapy technique where you can exchange one addiction for a lesser, more harmless addiction.  Yes, we will use a new 3 pronged approach to your increasing addiction to silky satin material, in this trancetherapy session, My pet.

To reinforce your satin therapy, today we will do a bit of therapeutic role playing.  I will be your sexy satin librarian, and you will be my hopeless library patron, in search of new dirty satin porn to use in your new therapy treatment.  We’re going to examine your debilitating perverted sexual kinky needs more closely…..

After a stair step count down induction, you will be led by the satin sheen of your Satin Librarian to the restricted porn section of your public library, where you will be bombarded by subtle and not so subtle, Esmeralda brainwashing techniques, including mind melting penetrating whispers, trigger words, repetitive trancetic trigger, and reverberating binaural background beats.  You will then be led to the satin cum command, tying you once again to the vicious cycle of repetitive trancetherapy appointments with your wicked satiny trancetherapist.

Now …. Sssshhhhhhhhhh ….. and follow Me to more satin, porn, and masturbation, as I continue to mold and shape your pliable, submissive mind with more of my satin trancetherapy techniques.

LENGTH:  52 Minutes

CONTAINS:  Brainwashing, Mind Control, Humiliation, Laughing, Light Feminization, Trigger Words, Repetitive trancetic Trigger, trancetic Suggestions, Multi-Voice Tracks, Whispers, Breath Sounds, Background Music, Background Binanural Beats, Finger Snap Cum Command, JOI, Countdown Induction, Count Up Awakening


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Wicked Enchantress, the Satin Librarian episode of Your Satin addiction series is the most arousing ever. My mind kept drifting to fantasies of my teenage years when I would looks for stories of domineering women in the basement of an old city library secretly hoping a librarian would see what I was reading and guess my secret desires. Your devious mind concocts a fantasy far beyond what I could imagine then. I find myself dressed in satin, bitch-slapped into submission, and begging to be used over and over for your perverse pleasure. It is not so much the satin that I am addicted to, but rather the deep trances of Your controlling sexy voice leading me down the stairs. I beg for more..


I have always had fetishes to leather, rubber and sheer anything, but now, after intense brainwashing therapy, I think of Satin before anything else. Enchantress Esmeralda's intoxicating, brain shrinking, powerful voice has taken me to new levels of addictive behavior. Dropped into a relaxing, mind numbing trance, she is able to fill my mind with whatever she wants. This file and other files prove this is true and I love every minute of it.