The Mantra - Eye Fixation Brain Wash
The Mantra - Eye Fixation Brain Wash - Occult - Mesmerise

Welcome to The Mantra, my deepest, darkest most poetic clip to date guaranteed to leave you in a dazed trancetic state fully conditioned to serve my needs. Some may call it a trance, others a spell, for me it's a moment of excitement knowing the level of slave this clip will cause to bow before me. Mixing the occult, Mesmerize, Mermerize techniques, latin triggers, ASMR 3D Audio, super slow motion footage where my eyes dazzle and draw you down the rabbit hole into my world and under my control. I assure you this is a journey like no other, original, unique, dark and deep. I simply can't wait for you to experience it and I certainly can't wait for the outcome of your experience. I'll see you soon....slave. Annabel
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A femdom erotic trance by Miss Annabel Grace
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