The Sissy Trials

The Sissy Trials

The Sissy Trials

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Stella

Seven trials, each one designed to test the limits of your arousal
and sexuality. Cock lust, attraction to men, feminization, and so
much more. Once the ritual begins, there's no going back until
you succeed... or fail. Everything's at stake. Follow me into the 
mystic chamber and enter the Sissy Trials, if you dare.

You've come to this place to cleanse yourself of all sissy desires.
For the ritual to work, I must first send you deep into a trancetic
trance. You'll enter a new plane of existence. A dark place,
where few men have ever returned. I'll be your guide, sweetie.
As long as you have the will to move forward, I'll help you through
the trials.

There's someone else down here... a voice.. a succubus. She's
tempting you, sweetie. Trying to trap you as a sissy forever. Don't
listen to her. Keep moving forward. If you stray, you may find
yourself on your knees doing unspeakable things.

As you progress, the trials become more difficult. More arousing.
The hall of superior women. A dimly lit space, with dozens of men
as your audience. The anal pleasure room, and beyond. The trials
aim to seduce your inner slut and bring out your inner submissive.
Resist them, sweetie.

Don't trust everything you hear. This place is meant to ensnare you,
to seal you as a sissy slut for eternity. Follow my orders. Keep
moving forward. And whatever you do, when the whispering woman
tells you to look... don't.

Good luck, sissy. You'll need it.

  • Erotic fantasy scenario
  • Deep trancetic trance
  • Attraction to men
  • Cock lust and ball lust
  • Anal penetration
  • Female Superiority
  • Femdom
  • High heels & Lipstick feminization
  • Small clitty teasing
  • Light use of the word "faggot"
  • Many sound effects to immerse you into this fantasy world.
  • Moaning, sucking, giggling, etc

53 Minutes

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