Amethyst Countdown 2

Amethyst Countdown 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

The long awaited sequel has arrived!

The countdown trigger is strongly refreshed in this recoding, and it's not required that you listen to the original Amethyst Countdown in order to enjoy Amethyst Countdown 2.  Every time I count backwards, you drop deeper and deeper into trance, while also becoming more and more aroued.  The type of arousal where you are pulsing, throbbing, and aching for release.

After you drop into  a deep state of erotic trance, I'm going to give you a lesson in becoming the submissive that I want you to be.  You will listen to my top 10 list of traits that I love to see in my submissive boys.  As I count them down, the erotic urges within you grow stronger and more urgent.  Once you are properly trained, I will count you down into a mind blowing orgasm.

Bonus twitter game for extra fun.  Make sure to follow me at:  Amethyst_trance

Features:  Multiple 10-1 Countdowns, Theta brainwave music, Overlapping voice tracks,  50 Minutes


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I opted for the sponsored version, and it was the correct choice. Hearing Amethyst talk directly to me was insanely arousing. So much so that my head started swimming with Her first words to me. I loved the first Countdown and was sure the second would be incredible. I was right! Amethyst's voice is just so sexy, that it makes me weak and submissive just hearing it. I had to listen without the induction to hear what she was saying. With my name added to the audio I was under Her spell even without the induction! Adding in the Countdowns, yes there are several in this audio, I was left just a big pile of clay waiting to be molded by the traits that She wants us all to have. The arousal that is achieved throughout the audio is incredible. Repeated countdowns that magnify the intensity of the arousal is just unfair. I am not sure I can't say enough how incredibly velvety smooth and sensuous Her voice is, it just flows right into your mind and nothing else matters. I was so turned on that when I released to Her count it was so incredibly intense that I was completely drained. I am honored to display the traits that Amethyst cherishes! They are a good life lesson for anyone! I am looking forward to responding to Her Tweets, representing Her, and improving myself all at the same time. I hope to become the submissive that She wants me to be. I love being in Her control. I am eternally grateful for Her guidance.


It feels so good to be a good boy for Mistress Amethyst! She has many traits that she values and wants to see in her submissives, and the sequel to her popular Amethyst Countdown session has ten of these traits front and center. As she steps through each number in her countdown trigger, she will go through each of these 10 traits, and explain what each means. Members of the Journey will recognize many of the traits. Several of them come from that week of tasks, and much of the prose is lifted from the emails as well. While this was repeated material, it was definitely interesting to hear her speak the words, and emphasize the more important aspects of the traits. Mistress Amethyst also uses the arousing nature of her countdown trigger to tie arousal to each of these traits. It further incentivizes acting on the traits. The best thing is that each of these traits are generally good traits to have! They are all about making you a better person in general, and not just a better submissive. Finally she locks in the traits and the arousal they cause by guiding you to an explosive orgasm! After the end of the session she also invites you to join her little twitter game. You'll find yourself taking action on these traits when she uses each number in a tweet (but SHH because the number relations are a secret)! Get Amethyst Countdown 2, and become both a better person and a better submissive for her (and add a little arousal to your day).

I bought the sponsored version ($100 level) and wanted to cover it separately. While Mistress Amethyst is not currently offering retroactive sponsorships, I can very highly recommend sponsorship if there is a future item that interests you. The personalized voice track was top notch, and was very well mixed into the rest of the recording. Being able to hear my name being spoken really brought me deep during the induction, and really made me want to embody the traits Mistress was explaining. She mixed together commanding, conversational, and just plain sexy phrases in a great way that didn't feel phoned in. It was definitely on the same level of what I got with my custom recording. The benefits of sponsorship are well worth it, especially at the prices she is offering. Check out her Coming Soon page to see if something there peaks your interest!