Gay trance

Gay trance

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Each nation has its prejudices and values regarding non-traditional sexual orientation. Fortunately, these days, male love has become legal in most developed countries. And we proudly celebrate different Governments' resolutions that aim at supporting the rights of gays. True love should not know any restrictions or prejudices. Whether it is traditional or homosexual relationships, they should exist for the good of future generations. Freedom of love is the same thing as freedom of choice. Is what makes us citizens of the civilized world. 


However, many gays still have to feel ashamed because of their non-traditional sexuality. There are numerous reasons for it, including intolerance and lack of acceptance by a certain society, lack of support from parents and close friends, fear of receiving a negative response, and many others. Here at, we want you to let loose, leaving all your fears behind. With our gay erotic trance, you will be able to dive into the world of sexual satisfaction, experiencing a variety of intercourses with a male partner in your mind. It is not only a good way to relax but also explore your primal sexuality. There are many homosexual people among our clients, and they all point out positive changes in their sexual life thanks to our gay trance audio files. Become one of them to change your intimate life for the better.

Erotic trance for gay men - A world of sexual fantasies

Here at, we aim at making you satisfied. All our seducing gay trance MP3 files are different. But what they all have in common is an ability to fuel your insatiable desires and make your whole body tremble from sexual satisfaction. Fill your days and nights with pure passion and fulfill your hottest and most desperate desires. Gay erotic trance works much better than porn videos as it brings long-lasting sexual satisfaction and enables you to immerse yourself into a sexual scenario with you in the lead role. 

Our audios can also be used for therapeutic purposes. If you and your partner want to spice up your intimacy life, it is not the reason to arrange an appointment with your sexologist. You can improve your sexual life much easier, and what is more important, much cheaper. All you need is to order our gay male trance audios and listen to them at your convenience. You can do it alone or with your soulmate. Rest assured that your sexual life with drastically change with our erotic trance. 


Erotic audio books


Learn to suck cock and rim butt holes


Are struggling giving a good blowjob?
Are your skills lacking?
Want to learn more???
Today I will guide you along. You can practice on your dildo or a real cock or your fingers
Wear headphones and follow along
Cock sucking is a skill that needs to be learned and Today I will get you started
Lets get started
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Are you straight or bi-sexual


Today you are going to find out if you are straight or bisexual
Seems you like looking at pretty girls
You like watching them together
But do you also like watching them suck cock
Do you like seeing the dick go in and out of their mouths
What do you look at more?
The girls face
or the big juicy cock
Play the rest of the game and see if you are straight as an arrow or if you are bisexual
Originally made for commenting on the video and it suggests leaving comments. Just skip that part and do the rest
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Masturbation Penetration

I want you to feel a cock sliding in and out of your mouth as you masturbate. From now on, you are going to feel just that, every single time you masturbate with your right hand. If you masturbate with your right hand, you will feel a penis sliding in and out of your mouth. And if you masturbate with your left hand, instead of feeling a penis inside of your mouth, you'll feel it up your ass.

Feel the masturbation penetration!

From now on, your right hand will make you feel a sensation of a cock in your mouth, and your left one will make you feel one up your ass pumping you, fucking you, taking you as you masturbate.

If you touch yourself with both hands, then you will find your mouth, and your ass full, being pumped, being used, being taken, and as you continue to masturbate, when you orgasm, you will feel both of these cocks cumming in you. The one in your mouth, filling your mouth with semen. You will taste it, you will feel it, you will smell it. And the one in your ass will pump into you, filling your ass with cum, and you will feel and experience that as well.
That is what happens if you masturbate with both hands. This is the way it is going to be, from now on whenever you masturbate. Masturbation penetration!

Duration 37:10, including brainwaves, anal, curse, sissy trance, gay trance and background music.

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Be Pretty for the D Sissification audio


Today Sissy you will be pretty for me
You need to be ready to suck cock and slurp cummies
You will dress you up as a pretty girl
Then we play repeat after me
Then you will rub and finger yourself
So pretty and so smooth
Taste yourself sissy boi
Be proud be gay and be my sissy bimbo slave bought
Toss on repeat for best results
Just loop and edge till you cant think of anything except sucking cocks and slurping yummy cummies
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The chastity Files - chastised Mind

You know that all the pleasure and happiness, the joy in your life, comes from being in chastity. You love to  submit to anything as long as you are allowed to wear your chastity device. What a pleasure it must give you, to surrender total control.

And after listening to this file, and when triggered, you will enter a mostly blank state, where while you are able to see and hear you cannot think for yourself, as such you will obey every command from the person that triggered you. Waiting to be told what to do.

Whenever you hear the words "chastised mind time" you'll find that your mind immediately becomes this still and empty. All that's left is this chastised mind, staring out into space and waiting for instructions. Instructions from the person that triggered you. If they hand you an item, perhaps a wig, or perhaps they put makeup on your face, and they tell you right now, you are a complete and utter bimbo, and the makeup makes you look that way, then you'll find that is exactly what you become. You can be changed you into anything. A baby, a hooker, a slave, or may be even a toilet slave. The possibilities are completely and utterly endless. Because your chastised mind just simply carries out instructions until chastised mind turn off is said.

Duration 38:30, including brainwaves, chastity, trigger, femdom and background music

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Perfect sex Toy

I will change the way you act for the rest of the day. It's a change that is going to affect you sexually.

You will behave and act like a sex toy. Ready to please. Ready to be used. Ready to be abused.

It's time to discover how wonderful it would be, to become a sex toy for the rest of the day, and night.

May be this is the perfect gift for your lover.

The Duration of this File is 39:30 min. It includes soft background Music, sound Effects and Brainwaves.

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You love Cocks

You're going to discover is that you simply love a male's cock. You love its shape, you love the way it feels, and you especially love its taste. From now on cocks are just so incredibly wonderful and special to you.

Feel the desire to taste, smell and feel mens' cocks whenever the opportunity happens.

You want to go down on your male partner whenever you possibly can and enjoy making his cock hard, licking and sucking, tasting him, running your fingers all over.

These are the things that you want to do with ease.

I want you to find yourself entranced just by the idea of a nice cock to lick and suck. I want you to find them irresistable. To be a real cock lover, to discover that the beauty of a man is in his cock. 

Duration 39:01, including brainwaves, sissy trance, gay trance, and background music.

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Sambas Brainwash - Erection Control

Welcome to my brainwash files.
It is time for you to follow my instructions, to accept and repeat what I command.  

Let me inside your deepest self to brainwash your mind. 
You want to control your erections, to control your cock, to be a remarkably good lover and to be able you to control your own erections at will. 
To get hard, to get soft, and to cum when you choose to. 

Basically going to allow you to get into the right mindset, so you can control your own erections from now on, control your own erections and ejaculations.

To learn that these are things that are completely and totally within your control. 

Your penis is a part of your body, and therefore you can choose when it gets hard, how long you can stay hard, and when you orgasm. 

That is simply the truth and the way it is going to be.

37:59 Minutes including, erection control, joi, brainwaves and soft music.

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