Lady Helena

Lady Helena




Welcome to My world of:

Erotica—BDSM—Financial Domination.




I am a Lifestyle Domme with extensive experience in the bdsm lifestyle.  I understand the complexities of D/s interactions and understand the longing of submissives to submit.


EROTIC trance MP3'S

Mind Control....Fetish Play..... Memory Implanting.... Amnesia.... Feminization.... Orgasm Control..... Age Play..... Financial Control..... Humiliation.  Much more awaits you within my mp3 store...



I am that Hypno Domme, skilled in offering programmes of intense trance mp3 conditioning and individually crafted Erotic trance sessions that are custom tailored to capture you, elicit your surrender, and enslave you.



What better use of My training and knowledge, than to use it to train submissives’ minds and bodies!  Such delicious conditioning is contained in My mp3s.... addictive trance that will have you coming back for more of My silken, sexy southern accent...more of My control and dominance.



Professionally trained, I offer erotic trance that will satisfy that ache deep inside you to be understood.  Once you begin the erotic trance sessions, your mind will focus more and more on the powerful feelings that flow from the hypnotic trance, until your mind is consumed with desire for more and more delicious, deviant trance.  Expect enslavement, excitement and a heightening of your innermost desires.  As a Domme, offering on-line Dominance, I enjoy molding..... taking control of your mind and body.... feminizing, taking control of your orgasm.... fetish play..... Age Play..... delicious, darkly addictive dominance and control.  I love using your weakness against you...to bind you to Me and to have you surrender, unable to resist My re-programming suggestions and dominance.


Erotic audio books

Victim Of The Succubus

Length: 42 minutes

Prepare for a HIGHLY EROTIC experience.

She seeks out men as her prey. She slips sneaky words taught to her by her Domina, deep into your brain. Her insatiable lust drives her to seek you out, tempting you into sleep. She is mischievous and clever in her endeavor to lead you deeper into submission, deeper into your reality, deeper into slavery. She entices you into sexual desires that only she could satisfy. Listen now and invite me into your mind and into your bed.

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A Dominant Invasion

Description (50 minutes):


Slave boy, This is not for the faint of heart.. you MUST be ready to Learn what the DEEPEST submission to your Lady Helena means… I WILL PUSH your LIMITS with this File My slave. We are going to explore one of your Most secret fantasies.. But do not worry My Subject, I would Never tell.. hahaha. Cum play with Me and allow Me to take you Very Deep My Slave. You may want to Listen to My included Strap on Assignment to warm you up before listening My Obedient subject!

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Hand Puppet

Description (48 Minutes):

Have you fantasized about how your Lady keeps Her submissive servants?  Rest assured your Lady enjoys direct access to Her servants little male bits when She desires.  This shared Hand Puppet will give a glimpse into what it would be like to be My personal servant.  To experience what it would be like to be allowed into My bedroom, to have the great privilege of sitting on My bed as I tease you beyond your wildest dreams.

As My Hand Puppet we will explore the pleasure and torment of being edged over and over.  As My hand guides you and controls you, while sinking deeper and deeper into sweet bliss.  I know you long for your Lady to touch you, to use you as She whispers sweet nothings.  The question is how I will leave you… Will I end the session with you hot, hard, excited, leaking or yearning.  Can you even control yourself to make it to the end of the file without release?

There is only one way to find out, My submissive, there is only one way for you to experience the bliss of spending an erotic evening of tease and prospective denial with your beautiful.  That is if you acquire Hand Puppet right now.  I know you want to…I know you need to, My submissive servant and puppet.

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trancetic Chains

Description (26 minutes):

My Subject, Imagine spending a night with your Lady sexually tormenting and teasing you to the brink of insanity as you lay on my bed chained, helpless and longing for release. NOW fantasize about what I would do to you.

I love the thought of having you helpless, powerless to my every whim and desire. I want to take you down again... into a place where you are completely helpless and COMPLETELY Obedient. I know just the thought of your being weak before Me Arouses you...I may tease and play with you some times and I may even push your limits occasionally... However there should be no Fear this time... hehehehehe.......

You will be left dreaming of ME, edging For Me.... And My Hard good lil darling subject you will enjoy every little moment !!!!

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My Chamber--Introduction

Description (33 minutes):

Take a first visit to My Fantasy Chamber. Visit My dungeon and get JUST a taste of what I will do with you and to you...

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My Chamber--Room 1 - Pleasure Shock

Description (47 minutes):

Let your Dominatrix take you deep into my fantasy chamber and experience the pleasure of pain.  Learn the true meaning of erotic submission to your Lady and Owner as you crawl naked and helplessly behind my sexy ass.

As I weave one of the most powerful desires and fantasies into your inferior male mind.  Feel my wicked touch and cum to realize just how alluring My voice and My commands.  Listen as my voice weaves erotic desire so deep it will make you shake with desire.  As I seduce your lil head causing you to accept and give in to my beauty.

Accept your desire for submission as my erotic fantasy influences your desires.  Imagine what it would be like to be so mindless and hard.  To crave the pleasure while yearning for the mental torment of this amazingly erotic fantasy.  Finding yourself craving my whims and wicked desires.  You will yearn for your Lady, longing to please and pleasure me in ways you can’t imagine as I torment you and give you pleasures beyond your wildest dreams.

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My Chamber--Room 2 - Tantalizing Tease

Description (62 minutes):

Cum my HORNY little slave boy, it’s time to return to My Fantasy Chamber.  This is room TWO in the series, which we will explore just how much of a “man” you are.  As we continue your submissive education and transformation into my HORNY enslaved boy toy.  I know how much you desire to submit and accept your place as a slave to your Dominatrix.  I know how much you yearn and desire to be erotically tormented, naked, mindless and on the edge of orgasmic bliss.

In this training file, your Lady will introduce you to Her sexy handmaidens, while testing your stamina and devotion.  Will you be able to endure the full hour?  How long can you withstand my sensual erotic words as I stroke you deeper and deeper into my control?  My every word teasing your desires, thoughts and cravings into My perfect submissive.

This file is the third session in My Chamber series.  In order to achieve the best experience make sure you have listened to the first two files, My Chamber--Introduction and My Chamber--Room 1 - Pleasure Shock.  Once you have absorbed these lessons then you will listen to ‘My Chamber--Room 2 - Tantalizing TEASE’.

This session may push a few of your limits, but I expect to give you one of the most erotic submissive experiences of your life.  Ensure you are naked and alone then start listening, My slave boy.

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My Chamber--trancetic Sex Toy

Description (37 minutes):

Welcome back to My Fantasy Chamber my mindless slave boy. In room THREE of this powerful series, your Lady uses her sultry voice and trains you to becum her sex toy. I continue your education and transformation to be a good slave. Having you fall DEEP under my control, as I use you for my pleasure.

Imagine, my submissive toy, visiting my bedroom DEEP within my Chamber. Your Lady knows how much you crave to please and pleasure me. How much pleasing me means to you. How you yearn to have the chance to be as a slave to me. How long will you withstand my vivid images created by my sexy sultry voice as you submit to the dominant Mistress of your dreams. As you fall deeper and deeper under my control with every teasing word, every teasing desire I implant in your fertile enslaved mind as you become more submissive, more compliant.

My excited toy, heed my warning, continued listening to this powerful conditioning file will ultimately give me control over your sex. In order to maximize your submission and pleasure you should have successfully listened to My Chamber Introduction and Room Two. Once you have fully absorbed the training then proceed and listen to My Chamber--trancetic Sex Toy.

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