Body modification trance

Body modification trance

This trance files, will change you body. The suggestions will change the hormone production and other body functions, and they will do their work.

Here's the theory. In trancetherapy we know that most things our bodies do are the results of emotional triggers. With this in mind we develop through puberty in ways which may well reflect our emotional start point. Some people feel a need to supress their sexuality  and develop somewhat less. There are plenty of examples to back this up. Some people subconciously hold back the development of their feminine physiology for some reason and so develop slightly different.

The result is some people appear more feminine than others. There is a link between our emotions and our physiological development. Using trance we can ammend the way we perceive some aspects of ourselves, and create a positive environment to change our body.

How it works? Every 5 or 6 weeks our body cells replace themself, and give your body the shape carried in the blood stream. Why not change the rate of replacement and the blood flow to the part of your body you want to change? That sounds good.

Is it a difficult thing to change? No, it's not. All we need to do is train the body to move blood to the part of your body you want to change, and we're going to increase the rate of replacement in cells there.

Simple. Effective. Cheap too.

You just need to believe it works, but you must know there will be not an overnight success.

Erotic audio books



Diese erotische Hypnose verwandelt dich in eine Latexpuppe. Nicht in irgendeine Latexpuppe, sondern in etwas viel geileres.
Wir machen uns auf eine (ent)spannende Reise ins Reich der Latexköniginnen. Auf dem Weg dorthin wirst du Stück für Stück in die Latexpuppe Latexlust verwandelt. Schon alleine dieses geheimnisvolle Tunnelerlebnis wird dich sehr erregen. Kein Mensch kann fühlen wie eine Latexpuppe – du bist etwas sehr besonderes.
Doch damit haben wir die Reise erst gestartet. Es ist immer nur jeweils einem männlichen Wesen gestattet, das Reich der Latexköniginnen zu besuchen. Kein Wunder, dass diese wunderschönen Gestalten förmlich ausgehungert sind und sich geradezu auf dich Latexpuppe stürzen, um sich ausgiebig befriedigen zu lassen. Du wirst spüren, lecken, fingern und befingert. Du wirst es lieben!
Der Höhepunkt dieses Ausflugs und das kannst du durchaus wörtlich nehmen, ist ein Besuch bei der Latexgöttin. Sie ist keine Frau aus Fleisch und Blut, sondern ein Wesen, geformt aus den Latexfantasien der gesamten Menschheit… Ein Verschmelzen mit ihr bedeutet den intensivsten und lang anhaltensten Orgasmus aller Zeiten.
Kein Wunder, dass du dies immer wieder erleben und in deinen Alltag integrieren möchtest. Diese erotische Hypnose gibt dir die Gelegenheit dazu. Immer, wenn du deinen Puppennamen „Latexlust“ hörst oder liest, wirst du so erregt sein, dass du es dir einfach besorgen musst. Nicht als Mensch, sondern verwandelt in die Latexpuppe Latexlust. Und dann wirst du kommen, wie auf unserer gemeinsamen Reise zur Latexgöttin.
Soundeffekte, Heartbeat, Binaurale und isochronische Töne, Hintergrundmusik, Flüsterspuren, hypnotische Orgasmen, posthypnotische Suggestionen wie beschrieben

Grouch Binaural Meditation Session by Grouch NZ ( both Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
MP3 Download, 46 Minuten, 87 MB
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Pop Piggy POP

This is the LONGEST trance I've done. WARNING it does involve drug use and poppers. It takes you deep and TRANSFORMS you into a mindless BIMBO girl as I take you down into My dungeon and feed you to My special PLANT
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Healthy as a Horse 2 Pony Slave

For those that requested it after Healthy as a Horse ONE, here is TWO, where I ride you like a good pony slave, Be prepared to drop even deeper for Me.
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The Fertility Clinic




This file was custom-requested by one of my slaves.
To request your own custom file, click HERE

Enter my clinic a man... and leave as a pregnant woman. You've come to me with your wife to try and cure your fertility issues, and I have just the method to help you both. You think this is a normal procedure, until you see your wife being fucked in the other room, and notice your body has started transforming into that of a girl! An alpha bull is waiting for you, and there's an open spot on the bed, right next to your beloved... There's no need to resist my treatment, sissy. Just listen and obey.

Close your eyes and listen as I take you deep into a clinic setting, where I run the show. You and your loving wife have signed up for special fertility treatments, but little do you know, she isn't the one with impotency problems...

My methods are different than most. I've devised a foolproof method to guarantee 100% fertility success rates in couples just like you. All you need to do is take this special pill. But you soon realize that my plans are more devious than you initially thought.

As the pill works its way into your body, I reveal that your wife is in the next room getting fucked by my alpha male assistant. She willingly signed up for this, and you had no idea. Feel your body change in reaction to the medicine, becoming girlier, prettier, sluttier by the minute. Soon your penis is completely replaced by a fully functional pussy, complete with uterus and ovaries. If you weren't fertile before, you certainly are now.

After the changes are complete, it's time to join your wife in a hot steamy breeding session. There's another man in that room, and he's waiting to fuck your tight little pussy. If you let them cum in you and in your wife, both of your fates will be sealed as pregnant fuckslaves.

42 minutes of cuckolding and female transformation

  • fantasy scenario - dubious fertility clinic
  • infertility
  • body transformation
  • Feeling inferior compared to real men
  • small penis humiliation
  • genital transformation. Penis to pussy
  • Attraction to men
  • cuckolding
  • cocksucking
  • sex with men
  • orgasm command
  • impregnation


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Stiletto Slut




*Click clack*... The sound of your slutty stripper heels as you walk down the street. Embrace your inner girl and feel changes surge through you as you slip on a pair of sensual stilettos. After listening to this file, wearing high heels will be a transformative experience, leaving you hot and horny for throbbing cock.

Relax and submit to my voice as I guide you down into a warm, submissive trance, from which you won't escape until I'm done with you. Feel your inner girl rise to the surface and take control of your helpless body. Your true self is here to do as I tell her.

You've always had a thing for girls in high heels, and now you know why... you want to wear them yourself. The feeling of 7 inch stilettos being slipped on your feet is indescribable and makes your sissy clitty twitch in pleasure.

The higher the heel, the more girly and slutty you become. The higher the heel, the more men will become attracted to you... and vice versa. When you strut down the street in high heels, you can feel a burning need deep within your girly pussyhole. A need for rough, aggressive sex with powerful men. The craving will only get stronger the more you wear your slut heels.

When you slip your heels on, you don't just act like a girl, you 100% become a girl on the inside. It's an instant transition that leaves you giggling in feminine pleasure, tingling from head to toe, and dripping sissy juice from your oversensitive bitchclit. The more you listen, the stronger the effects will be.

And by the way... if you wear high heels while listening, the brainwashing will be twice as powerful. Have fun, sissy.

32 minutes of high heel sluttery

  • Desire to wear high heels
  • Mental feminization
  • Crossdressing
  • High heels make you slutty and girly
  • Loss of attraction to women in favor of attraction to men while in heels.
  • Cocksucking desire
  • Craving to get fucked by strong men
  • Masturbation and orgasm command
  • Trigger - Hearing the clacking of heels makes you want to wear them
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Bimbo Eyes

You might not be aware of it, or perhaps you are and don't remember, but there is a BIMBO inside your mind. I know JUST how to bring her out
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Sissy Descent


Surrender to a seductive, feminizing succubus in the middle of the night. Once I immobilize your body and drop you down into an endless sissy trance, you're mine to reshape as I see fit. Be careful, sissy... when you start this descent, you won't come back up the same.

I only appear to the horniest and most desperate of good boys, deep in the night... and I've come for you, sweetie. Obey me, and listen to my sweet voice as I guide you down into a trancetic, erotic trance. I'm a special sort of succubus. Instead of soul-taking, I specialize in full body and mind feminizing. Get ready, cutie...

You dont need your male identity down here. Let's just get rid of it, shall we? I'll implant new memories, girly memories, into your sweet sissy brain, changing your thought patterns and sexual preferences for good. All the while, I'm stroking your stiff aching clitty, bringing you closer and closer...

Good girls suck cock, and I'm going to send you spiraling into a powerful cock addition so intense that you'll be walking the streets begging for cum. Your purpose is to look pretty and please muscular men's throbbing penises. You're a cockslut and you know it,  princess.

Each time I say my special trigger word, you fall even deeper in trance, descending down through layers of your subconscious mind, until we arrive at your core. The hornier you become, the more powerful I get. I may even grow something long hard and throbbing between my own legs... Why don't you listen and find out.

50 Minutes of succubus sissy seduction

  • trancetized by a magical succubus
  • Body paralysis into trance
  • Cocksucking and cum lust
  • Attraction to big strong masculine men
  • Masculinity replaced with femininity.
  • sissy pussy training
  • Masturbation instruction. Denial of orgasm until the end
  • Precum eating
  • Orgasm instruction
  • Rough dickgirl fucking


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Forever Feminized

You have a burning desire to be feminized, the desire to be the woman of your dreams. This desire will activate the required energy you need to transform. Let the images of your desire sink deep into your subconscious mind.

You deserve to be feminized. You want to be feminized, and you are motivated to be feminized as soon as possible. You are determined to achieve your goal, your feminine being,  and to live your life the way you want.

You want to be forever feminized! and you are emotionally, and physically capable of making the changeover as you desire.

Let my words trigger your transformation, feel a tingle round your body, as your deepest inner mind begins to feminize you.

It is time for a change in your body, it is time for a change in your mind, it is time for a change in you, it is time for you to change gender.

You want to feel comfortable with your body, you want to feel like a woman. But, first comes acceptance, then comes change.
Duration 41:18, including brainwaves, feminization and background music.

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