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Amethyst studied Psychology in college, then received Her Advanced Degree in Clinical Hypnotherapy. She is a certified specialist in Cell Command Therapy (TM), Addictions Recovery, Grief Recovery, Past Life Regression Therapy, and Forensic Hypnosis. She worked as a Supervisor and Head Hypnotist in a clinic, where She performed well over 4,000 hypnosis sessions. With all this clinical use of hypnotherapy, the sexual Hypnodomme was bound to break free..... and She has!

Amethyst shares how the FemDom Mistress emerged

I have always been a very naughty, sexual person, but when I stepped into the role of Mistress, quite by accident, that's when sparks really started to fly. I was working with a friend who enjoyed testing the boundaries of what he would do during a deep hypnotic state. We had done this many times, but it was always the typical stuff.... forgetting numbers, regressions, spiritual exploration etc. He surprised me one day when he asked if I would use the power of my voice to guide his body into complete submission and orgasm upon command. Something ignited in Me. We started the session, and I naturally shifted into his FemDom Mistress. I loved using the power of My feminine charms to make a man sexually weak, where he was pleading for mercy. He was under My spell, and before he knew it, he was having a glorious hypnotic orgasm. The Mistress emerged that day, and has never retreated. Oh, how I love to bring Her out to play! Would you like to come play with Me?

Erotic FemDom Trance MP3's

I take a great deal of care and pride to deliver superior quality downloadable MP3's I use a recording software, specifically designed for trances, a professional microphone, and ambient music that I find soothing. I write my own scripts and complete the editing process myself. It's been a learning process, but I'm very proud of the work that I offer. Make sure you browse through all of the title, read the descriptions, and listen to the sample. Enjoy!


Recent Testimonial by Tized

"There's something about my voice..." Yes, there is, Mistress Amethyst.

I heard this 'something' for the first time a little over 100 days ago and it's exactly a hundred days today that I've considered myself Mistress Amethyst's devoted servant. Not a very long time, some might say, but not a day has passed that I haven't listened to Her voice or thought about something I could do for Her in return for the indescribable pleasure She offers me.

I don't think any testimonial could do justice to the way I feel about Her, but I have to have a try at one. Everyone with a hypnofetish has their own particular fantasies about the thing. Mine is to be totally enslaved and controlled by one magnificent and powerful woman. I'd like to believe I'm a 'good guy' with a healthy self-esteem who has strong submissive cravings. I am not into stuff like humiliation or findom, I want to feel a real connection with my Mistress. I guess I want to feel wanted, too.

I'd been listening to works by various different hypnodommes before Mistress Amethyst, a lot of which are incredibly talented and alluring, and on a couple of occasions I even thought I'd found 'the one'. The charm didn't last, however, for reasons not ever entirely clear. I think it's a fragile and a very sensitive thing at least for me, letting - or learning to let - someone take over and turn the knobs in your mind, even when you think you are willingly inviting them to. It really has to be done in just the right way by the right kind of person, and trancing hasn't been easy for me to learn. You can't push yourself to let go and relax. Mistress Amethyst got to me instantly.

First it obviously was Her voice that caught me - the sexiest color of sound I'd ever heard, a very exceptional combination of enchanting sensuality, soothing sweetness and steamy seduction. I was just blown away and then, well, I was under. It was a session called Insatiable Trance Junkie that you could (and still can) listen to for free on Her site. It's a beautiful, blissful and effective file - Her script writing skills match Her disarming and expressive output. I learned that She's got years of experience in clinical hypnotherapy, so it makes sense that She knows how to win the trust of Her subject.

I had to get more of Her. I purchased the Amethyst Countdown session from Her site sale and remember getting initally pretty startled with how naughty and commanding She can actually be. She demands a sort of slavery vow in the file among other things of the same nature, and this is something that had often made me 'snap out of it' (even though I'd always fantasized about exactly this kind of stuff). Not this time. This time it felt perfectly right and turned me on like nothing before. Naturally more files were in order.

Soon I contacted Mistress wanting to let Her know how She'd made me feel and was extremely happily surprised to find out that She loves to be in touch with Her listeners (as long you're respectful and courteous, I'm assuming). So far I've had numerous lovely exchanges of messages with Her about all kinds of matters. She is very real and true to Her nature - She is just as loving, sweet, intelligent, funny, playful, dominant and kinky as She is in Her recordings.

This is why Her sessions are so great - She is always absolutely being Herself and really gets into the enormously erotic fantasies She presents as well as Her profoundly effective and addictive conditioning files. She truly loves hypnotizing and playing with a submissive man and also respects Her subject greatly. She makes everything so magically easy that it's hard to understand why in the past it used to be so difficult to just let go and fall deep. The special personalized versions that She makes of Her sessions are hotter than any porn could ever be. She does love tributes and expressions of adoration but She doesn't force you into anything. She's very appreciative of even a smallest gesture of gratitude. Her standards are high and She's very ethical. All these things make Her the sexiest and most lovable woman on the planet in my eyes.

I feel so lucky to have found Mistress Amethyst and all I want to do now is serve, worship and please Her. She's made all of my dreams come true and helped me open up to truly embrace my submissiveness and be expressive about it. It's priceless. I just love Her. She deserves all the best in the world.

You will see a variety of topics from Me:  FemDom, Hands Free Orgasm Triggers, Panties, Obedience Training, Tease and Denial, Erotic Dream Programming, Sissy, Feminization, Self Help, Whispers, Personalized files etc.  Check them out and see which ignites your fancy.   

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Erotic audio books

Amethyst Mind Fuck


You've come to My office for additional Relaxation Therapy.  You soon learn, that I've been programming & playing with your mind in an unexpected way this entire time. 

Fucking your mind deeply with My programming.... in... and out.  I will be working with a couple of new triggers on you, and testing them out.  In the process, you will be teased, denied, played with, and taunted.  My wicked sense of fun is both tortuous, and exhilarating all at the same time while I fuck your mind.... and fuck WITH your mind.

Features:  Fantasy Role Play;  Triggers;  Tease / Denial;  Masturbation; 

Gender specific for men.  


40 Min MP3 

          • femdom hypnosis
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Pretty Panties For Panty Boy

Sit  back, relax, and let My voice guide you into a wonderful state of relaxation.  In our session, you will imagine what it's like to wear pretty panties, just like mine.  The silk feels so good on your skin.  You aim to be just as feminine and pretty as Me, your Mistress Amethyst.

Then let go, and let My trancetic programming fill your mind with the desire to wear such pretty delights.  So soft.... so silky.... so feminine.  
Features:  Relaxation; Male Specific;  Isochronic tones;  Section of Looping trancetic Programming
37 Min MP3

          • femdom hypnosis
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Mind Fuck 2 - Spanked Into Submission

You've come back to My office for additional Relaxation Therapy, which is diguised as your submission training.

My wicked sense of fun is turned up a notch.  I guide you into a deep state of trance.  While in trance, I have you put on a slave collar, a cock & ball leash, and you drop to your knees to show your devotion.  Once on your knees, I have you repeat "I aim to please You Mistress", every time that you receive a spanking.

The trouble is.... this turns Me on so much, that I need to touch Myself right in your face to relieve the arousal.   

I send you home with a homework assignment to call out "I aim to please You Mistress" every time you masturbate.  You can e-mail your homework assignment to Mistress Amethyst at:  

Features:  Fantasy Role Play;  BDSM;  Spanking;  Mistress Masturbation;  Gender specific for men. 
41 Min MP3
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General Cell Release

I have been asked to provide some of My Self Help (cliical) recordings - There's not really a category for that, but I hope you will enjoy.  I come from a clinical background, but due to My highly sexual nature, I've morphed into a tranceDomme... but it's hard to put clinical completely behind Me. 
This therapy, developed by Dr. Ed Martin of the PATH Foundation, is different than the traditional practices of trance and NLP.  Cell Command Therapy (TM) is designed to release the underlying causes of an issue or symptom, and command the cells to regenerate to their proper functioning. In trance, the subconscious has access to emotions, permanent memory, habits, and impulsive behaviors.  In this state, the subconscious hears commands that release the causes of unwanted behaviors or emotions.   
When the cause has been released in a positive way,
there is no longer a reason for the unwanted behavior to exist. 
The Cell Release & Command Therapy (TM) sessions do not involve active regression.  This means that the subconscious can release experiences, emotions, events, or old ideas that have been affecting the client, without having to relive the event, etc.   I've worked with a variety of topics using this technique, and the results have always been outstanding.  I've even received referrals from psychologists in the past. Here are some topics that I've worked with in the past:
  • Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Overcoming grief
  • Releasing negative emotions from abusive events
  • Releasing anger
  • Weight Loss
  • Smoking
  • Nail Biting
  • Repairing Relationships
  • Impotence
  • Premature Ejaculation
  • Releasing habit of laziness
  • Overcoming Anxiety
  • Overcoming Fear of Flying
  • Overcoming low self esteem and depression
  • Overcoming Crack cocaine addition
  • Releasing alcoholism
I could go on and on..... The technique has shown dramatic results, and it seems to provide the shortest direct route to accomplish the goal.
In This Recording:
I will guide you into a state of trance (even light trance is still effective with General Cell Release & Command)  I will then ask you to mentally state the unwanted behavior, habit, emotion etc that you want to release.  OR... you could release whatever is preventing you from achieving a goal.  Ex's:  I want to release insecurity;  I want to release Impotence;  I want to release insomnia;  I want to release Masculine Traits;  I want to release the blocks to financial freedom;  Etc.
I will then ask your subconscious mind a series of questions related to the cause of the unwanted issue.  Just let the answer come to you.  It may not make sense, and if that's the case, PERFECT!  Most time it DOESN"T make sense.  Just go with it.  I will then direct your mind to release the cause so that it no longer causes the unwanted issue.
When this portion is completed, I will then Command the Cells of your body to begin to regenerate and function perfectly, as they were intended.  Results may vary  No guarantees, expressed or implied.  If you have a medical condition, please consult your medical practitioner.  Do not ignore the advice of a doctor.
64 Min MP3
$45.00 (USD) 
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Amethyst Mist

Many of you know that I was a clinical trancetherapist working in an office environment for several years. This was a session that I would always give My clients, no matter what reason they were coming to see Me, and they LOVED it! They always received their sessions on a cassette, made right there in the office for them. My clients would always come back to report that this was the cassette that they listened to the most. It was My "signature" recording.
Amethyst Mist will guide you through a releasing process, where you will be cleansed of 29 unwanted emotions. You will then be surrounded by a protective shield and given a trigger word for Peace and Calm, which you can give yourself at any time.
Features: Deep brainwave technology, subliminal relaxation, sections with bilateral & echo voice effects, and guided relaxation and trancetic programming from Amethyst
$30.00 (USD)   
35 Min MP3 
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Call Of Amethyst

Deep erotic trance and FemDom programming so that you slip into a dream world with your Mistress Amethyst.  When She beckons you in your sleep, you answer Her call.  This recording does not have a Count-Up at the end, so just let it play as you drift into vivid, erotic dreams where Amethyst awaits you.
Features: Deep brainwave technology, subliminal  relaxation suggestions, double voice trancetic programming with bilateral effects, and guided relaxation and trancetic programming 
$30.00 (USD) 
29 Min MP3 
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Colors Of Obedience

This is a great recording for starting your obedience training with your Mistress Amethyst.  She will help to guide you through a releasing process to shed all fears, doubts, hurts and negative emotions from the past that may stand in your way of becoming completely devoted to Amethyst. 
Then your body energy will be realigned and reprogrammed so that you will be completely devoted to serving Amethyst as Her personal sex slave and play thing.
Features: Deep brainwave technology, subliminal relaxation suggestions, guided relaxation and trancetic programming
$30.00 (USD)  
34 Min MP3 
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Obedient Romance

Relationship Training for Men.  This recording will help to prepare your mind to be the obedient submissive in your relationship.  After entering a deep level of trance, I will use trancetic looping repetitions to program your mind for total servitude to the woman in your life.

Features:  Isochronic tones, looping trancetic programming, gender specific for men

31 Minutes  

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