Mind Fuck Mantra by Amethyst

Mind Fuck Mantra by Amethyst

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst


Mantras & Mind Fucking combined into one!


Slip deep into trance and begin to repeat several mantras that I have selected for you.  Concentrate on this voice track diligently.  While you are repeating your mantras, like a good boy should, I will be fucking your mind in another voice track.

you may awaken from trance not able to comprehend what just happened to you.


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          • femdom hypnosis
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Customer Reviews


This is the most pleasurable, the most erotic & the most trancetic work of art ever! This is the most erotic & trancetic example of FemDom Erotic trance that i have ever listened to!! Highest recommendation!


This session affected me in a lot of different ways. The induction took me really deep. Starting off on the mantras, I simply felt blank and mindless. I did as I was told, and repeated the mantras with my Mistress. Pauses between the mantra loops let a little bit of suspense set in. Would she have me repeat the mantras another time? Why didn't she just start right away? It was great! But as the recording continued, a feeling of burning desire began to set in. I desired to please Amethyst! I desired to listen to her voice! I desired to repeat the mantras with the deepest sincerity! The desire turned to heartfelt need. I needed to obey Amethyst! I needed her commands deep in my brain! I needed to repeat the mantras with the deepest sincerity! The need turned to an absolute desperation. I was desperate to serve Amethyst! I was desperate to let her echoes fuck my mind with powerful programming! I was desperate to repeat the mantras with the deepest sincerity! By the end of it, I was practically orgasming with each mantra phrase I repeated. Mistress Amethyst totally fucked my mind. I can't wait for her to do it again!

Rodimus C

Mind Fuck Mantra, a fitting title if there ever was one.
After taking you down into trance, Mistress Amethyst has you repeat a set of mantras she gives that will shape you into the submissive she wants you to be. Over the course of the file, those mantras are drilled deep into your mind. And all the while she is opening your mind wide and fucking it hard in the background.
An excellent file and an absolute must have for any submissive or prospective submissive of Mistress Amethyst.

Rodimus C
All 4 Amethyst

Oh such wonderfully effective induction (dual voice, innocent, seducing and soothing words deviously contrasting with wicked and invasive whispers), which left me on the verge of deep sleep.

Yet with a crystal-clear perception of my emotions and bodily sensations and laser-sharp focus on Mistress Amethyst's voice, it is needless to say the arousal starts building very quickly and quite unstoppable.

The knowledge of being brainwashed into addiction and submission is a thrill on itself. Being seductively coerced into cooperating by repeating devious mantras is mind-blowing.

Mind you, the mind-blowing pretty swiftly transforms into a raging mind-fucking. And no foreplay could prepare you sufficiently to not feel raped and abused afterwards.

Literally feel your mind being forced open and taken advantage of. Must-have-file!

All 4 Amethyst