FOCUS-erotic trance

FOCUS-erotic trance

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 49 minutes

This erotic trance mp3 session is very powerful and somehow creeps up on you, you are held defenseless and helpless. The subject (you) is expecting to be taken but the relaxation and the constant focusing becomes a major distraction. So, by the time you more assertively exert your control, you are caught a little off guard...particularly by how strong the suggestions feel and how one perceives the loss of control and free will.

I understand your predicament, My pet, and that is why I have created this trancetic session just for you. It will help you see past the chaos and confusion, giving you a clear path to FOCUS on what W/we really want. Only through training your mind and self-discipline can you ever hope to find the balance you seek, and as your guide and mentor, I am here to help you. Through the singular FOCUS and prioritization of your thoughts, I will free your mind, putting everything into proper perspective - My perspective.

So, be My goodboy and prepare yourself for an incredible journey of relaxation and relief from the rigors of your day knowing that once you've listened to this session you will be more focused - something W/we both want for you.

Suggestion---LISTEN NOW.

POWERFUL, mind control, brainwashing and deep EROTIC trance...subliminal suggestions, special erotic effects, mind boggling words.

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I am constantly in awe of the quality of Domina Shelle's trance sessions particularly the potency of Her conditioning on the submissive me. Week after week Domina produces new creative sessions and for me they redefine what is possible using a combination of progressive indoctrination, sensual conditioning, and mind control. This Focus session is no different and exemplifies why Domina's style is so revered in the area of brainwashing, deep conditioning and thought manipulation. By deliberately focusing our thoughts on a specific action, sensation or notion Domina cleverly, and expertly, misdirects our attention as we gradually fall into a very deep trance. Although I could sense background vocals during the session, and possibly subliminal messages too, due to the constant focusing I was simply unable to consciously process what was happening.

This is what makes this session so effective, by fixating our focus elsewhere Domina is able to circumvent our will and uses Her sweet and sexy voice to seduce our subconscious mind. By the time the deep conditioning commenced it felt like I was hit by a tidal wave, the intensity was so strong there was literally no way my now limited resistance could rationalise the onslaught of suggestions - whatever I was being told was the truth. The outcome was simply stunning. I awoke from trance feeling humbled, acknowledging to myself just how much control Domina has over the submissive me. I also had an intense desire to listen to the session again, just so I could submit further to Her authority. For this experience alone you must buy this session because it will reinforce to you, like me, why I submit to Domina Shelle.