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Mistress Rooney Wilder

Mistress Rooney Wilder


Gaze into Mistress Wilder's blue hypnotic eyes. If you see allure, seduction and mystique, then you have come to the right place. Adult fantasy and roleplay with Mistress Wilder will be taken to new and heightened levels. Come into a place where you can relax and open your mind for discovery and temptation, a place where your will have a strong desire to focus on the words that bring you to submit to your deepest adult pleasures. You have never experienced Trance the way you have with the sensual and hypnotic Mistress Wilder.

Experience the therapeutic effect of hypno conditioning. Reduce stress, gain confidence, lose inhibitions, explore fetishes, prolong erections, intensify orgasms, increase carnal desires, unleash the animal within you, release your sexual potential.

Contact me for your own personal recording in german or english. 

Contact: Rooneywilder@gmail.com 

Twitter: @rooneywilder 

Website: rooneywilder.com 

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Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video

Blackmailing your mind

Let your conscious mind stay deeply relaxed. Your goal is to become a slave. You seeking me to control you. Trance - countdown - effects 17 minutes
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Hypnotic Spell

Going to jerk off your cock using nothing but the sound of my voice. HFO. Trance, Hypnosis, Effects, Layers, Countdown.
Deep Trance you won't forget. Relax for me, 22:40 minutes
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Your orgasm is MY orgasm

Masturbate for me. You are going to cum hard for me. Because it is MY cock you are stroking.
Trancefile - Edging - JOI - Effects-
11:24 mins
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Trance is such a wonderful experience.

supplemental suggestions, triggers, suggestible, awakener, audio effects, subliminal messages.

All in 1. You have to believe to disbelieve. You will listen to this again and again. 38 minutes

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Lick me!

You want to stroke? It won't happen. It' my pleasure that comes first. You will go deep into trance. Knowing that your tongue will serve me. Binaural beats, Commands, Orgasm, Induction.
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Shower Trance

The urge you feel when you shower. masturbation. release.
Induction, subconcious, trigger, effects.
Go deep and feel the need to release. Includes Analplay
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Mindfucking you

Denial is not the denial of pleasure, it is denying the END of pleasure. Rentless teasing, giving your mind up to me, for me. Triggers, No denial, submission, mindfuck, brainwash, intense, effects and deep. (35:09)
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HFO Induction

Reinforcing you to feel pleasure. Mentally and physically. Sexual energy will flood your mind. Bringing you in and out again. Strong triggers, countdown up and down. I will reward you. Binaural beats, Subliminal suggestions, bringing you to orgasm. (46:26)
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