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About Me

  • About MeI'm a HypnoDomme, writer, musician/percussionist and DJ...an agent of rhythm...My life's passions are hypnosis and music, and everything I do drips of either one or both...My style is always seductive, always commanding and always intense...I take exquisite delight in subtly manipulating and influencing your perceptions of reality...a deep believer in karma, I think it is My responsibility to have the wisdom to know the difference between what you want and what you need as a hypnotic subject and to engage accordingly so that I never lead you into or promote self-destructive behavior while still being as wickedly kinky as I want to be...
  • What started my hypnosis interestI've been interested since My pre-teens...cartoons...movies...TV shows...then hypnosis books...reading in the back of the library at 11 yrs. old trying to make My arms and legs tingle...
  • Who are some hypnotist I admireGoddess Marquesa
  • I would describe my induction style asHighly intuitive; a constantly morphing orb of Ericksonian, Confusion/Overload, NLP, Elman & Guided Visualization
  • What type of hypnosis services do I specialze inFemdom BDSM Hypnosis, Feminization Hypnosis, Mind Control/Brainwashing, Sensual & Romantic hypnosis, General Erotic Hypnosis
  • What type of hypnosis media do I offerAudio Files, Online Chatrooms, Niteflirt/Telephone, Instant Messenger

Contact Information

  • Yahoo Messenger Screennamejoannepip
  • Email Addressjoannepip@yahoo.com

Free sample

This is your introduction to Mistress Joanne's uniquely intense form of psychological seduction...suggestions are safely stored deep within you so that your inevitable return will happen more enjoyably and profoundly...as you become more and more comfortable surrendering your will and relinquishing control to Mistress Joanne with each deliciously compelling repetition. (BASIC SEDUCTION MUST BE LISTENED TO FIRST BEFORE PURCHASING OTHER RECORDINGS)

Erotic hypnosis mp3 and video

Power Of 3

I've always strived to seek a deeper connection with My subjects and pets...to truly extend My gift to you and for you to not only accept it, but to reciprocate with your gift of total surrender and submission to Me and to My will just as you desire...using sound effects to increase the ambiance, I recorded this at the bewitching hour of 3am...summoning Goddess energy and channeling it into your empty vessel...drawing upon the power of the full moon, the power of 3's is on full display, magnifying and amplifying the intensity of this experience...if you seek only orgasmic release, then select other recordings of Mine but NOT this one...however, if you DO long for a deeper resonance and understanding of your place and your true submissive feelings, in addition to a clearer grasp of Goddess worship, then this mp3 is a MUST HAVE!! the mood is dreamy, ethereal and deeply sacred as we journey together to the core of your very soul and there, I bind your will to Mine, slave...times 3...come to Me and embrace your desire to submit like never before.

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The Gift

I've recorded this session near My birthday, which is April 27th...birthdays mean gifts...gifts surround Me...gifts of all types...gifts of all shapes and sizes...gifts that are tangible...and gifts that are intangible...this session treats you to a lush display of My many gifts as I teach you a lesson about the reciprocal nature of the Dominant/submissive relationship...I share My gifts with you and you share yours with Me with balance, as always, at the crux of the matter...once deeply soothed, I will give you very special instructions to follow and as you follow them, the reward will become obvious...if you've already listened to The Countess 1 & 2 and Water Water Everywhere, you'll get the maximum effect...prepare to be bedazzled and beguiled, pets...your birthday offering to Me awaits and remember, I enjoy such devotion from My submissives year-round!
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The Touch

As far as I'm concerned, there are some who simply have the proverbial "touch"...and some who do not...and there are so many forms of touch...there's the touch of warm soothing fingertips massaging your scalp...flowing liquidly down through your flesh from head to toe...where powerful energy can be exchanged...exchanged for the pleasure of obedience to Me...and then there is the ability to touch one more deeply...to have "The Touch" is to be able to find ways into that deepest hidden place inside someone...someone like you...the ability to truly move you or make you feel unable to..."The Touch" can be tangible or intangible...and in this installment of your training, I shall use both...making you find more and more pleasure being held in My mental bondage...drawing all that embodies you into Me...where you quite literally play right into My hands...and after I've trained you further, you'll likely be most surprised at what happens to you after you've been allowed to awaken...but I won't...come find out for yourself, slave...after all, this IS what you want...because you want what I want and I want you to listen to this mp3 as often as possible...so OBEY and feel My unmistakable touch.
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Forbidden Fruit

Connecting the aural with the oral, the premise of this enticing session is two-fold: one, to the outside world, erotic hypnosis is essentially taboo, like forbidden fruit...and two, I've noticed over the years that the same subs/slaves who will extol the virtues of any and every Hypnodomme publicly won't do that when it comes to me...they DO tell me that I'm the most seductive and effectively hypnotic domme they've ever met in their life...however, they do it discretely...privately...often when it's dark and the lights are down and no one's around...therefore, it is my assertion that within the realm of erotic hypnosis, I am the forbidden fruit...the scenario includes a trip to a "farmer's market" of sorts...of course, after seeing all the vendors and sampling their wares/fruit, you invariably find your way to me...come back behind my counter, curious one...maybe I'll even invite you to come back behind my secret curtain for a private taste test...a most surreal taste test...just like me, my fruit is oh so sweet...and the best part is that no one has to know but you and I.

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Emerald Ecstasy Intoxication

After a long week, stop in and have a drink with Mistress Joanne...I'll be serving a special concoction just for you, and you can probably guess the name of it...smirks...deepen your training with this insatiable intoxication fantasy that I have re-recorded and remastered...this mind-blowing, deep and sublimely surreal session is not gender specific so anyone can enjoy it...what will happen once I compel you to drink of the green elixir? release will become inevitable during this otherworldly form of slave training, but for whom? I'll tell you this much...it's not what you think...not that you'll be doing any thinking anyway...it also should be noted that there are suggestions to tip your bartender who creates such irresistibly intoxicating creations...again, the operative word is...surreal...you must be so thirsty now!

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