"Eruption" Level 3 - Smothered By Sex by Amethyst

"Eruption" Level 3 - Smothered By Sex by Amethyst

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

Hands Free Orgasm Training Level 3 - Ohhhh My.... the moment you've been waiting for. 

Kneel for Me, My sweet boy!  Let's get one thing straight - you belong to Me!  Now lay back so that I can straddle your face, and press My sex onto your warm, wet mouth.  Mmmm lick Me, My sweet boy!

I love your moans on your sex, so get ready because you're about to Erupt!

Features:  Subliminal Eruption programming, soft 2nd voice track

Successful completion of a Level 2 recording is required before moving on to Level 3.  In these recordings, I will be guiding you through a fantasy or other topic where I will build your excitement and then activate the Eruption trigger. 

47 Minutes

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          • femdom hypnosis
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