FUCKTOY Exploited

FUCKTOY Exploited

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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris
Follow My words as I make you empty and obedient. A mindless submissive trance.

I will take over your mind and do all the thinking. You no longer need to think. Simply allow your subconscious mind to open up as I drop you into a sexual submission. My good long induction will drop you so deep as the sound of My voice makes you tingle.

Obey and listen, feels so good to be so empty.

I want you to imaging that I am standing before you dressed in black. We are in My house and I’m going to lead you down a staircase where My private dungeon is.

As I slip a collar around your neck, I want you to stand at the top of the staircase as I count you down…. all the way down.

You will pass through the black door vortex and step into My dungeon… your mind is completely controlled by your Mistress….Madame Jade.

I will present you to four of My Domina friends Where you will be shared and used for Our pleasure. You are a fucktoy to be used and put away.

You will kneel and obey as you put on an obedient show for all…..Stroke as I count down..

You must entertain and wait until I give you your cum command. Every passing moment, you improve in your obedience by letting go…… Horny and obedient, empty and aroused…

It feels good serve your Mistress as her friends watch….

Driving you deliciously crazy with lust…..Fucktoy is very exploited and loves it.


Madame Jade

4 layers of vocals, mind melting induction, staircase countdown, cum countdown, binaural arousal beat, subliminal slave training and sound effects.

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