"While You Sleep" Series part 2

"While You Sleep" Series part 2

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A femdom erotic trance by Goddess Zenova

AUDIO ONLY MP3- "While You Sleep" Series part 2 Obedient Drone. You will be Reprogrammed while you sleep to be My obedient drone, obeying My every word. I will penetrate the deepest levels of your mind reprogramming you to serve Me. You want to OBEY Me, even the word OBEY gets you so excited. You want to do everything I say because you know if you OBEY me and surrender yourself to me that I can give you the most incredible pleasure you have ever known. So let me penetrate your mind so DEEP that I control your every thought. It takes no effort at all just listen while you sleep. I would suggest listening several nights in a row as you are going to sleep for the night. This audio contains light music and custom binaural beats/tones for lucid dreaming to heighten your experience. Includes subliminal messages, ASMR whispers and NLP all designed to reprogram you as I see fit. Listening with headphones gives the most effect but not required.

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