3 Month old Baby Girl

3 Month old Baby Girl

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Samba Alex

You want to feel like a baby girl. You want to act like a baby girl.

I will install a trigger in your mind an on and off switch, so you will be able to switch into baby mode whenever you want. You will  feel save and protected like a 3 month old girl. Forget all worries, just feel free to behave like a baby.

You can choose to turn on “Baby Mode” whenever you want, whenever it is appropriate for you to do so. You will always know when it is appropriate to do so.

The purpose of “Baby Girl Mode” is take you back through the ages to babyhood and to change gender.

You  will have new experiences as a baby, remembering what a baby feels like. This is the primary goal, to act and feel like a real baby girl.

At the End of this File,  I am going to leave my  handsome, drooling baby. leaving baby to suck her thumb, and wet, and mess her pants or diapers. Stay in baby mode as long as it is safe, until the timer reaches time, until it is time to leave baby mode. Just make your little baby sounds, like a baby, all dressed up in your pants or diapers. Maybe baby is going to drift away, to sleep and dream her little baby girl dreams.

53:02 min. feminization, change gender, soft background Music, Sound effects and Brainwaves.

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