A Deeper Servitude

A Deeper Servitude

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 40 minutes

As a predator of your mind, I will manipulate you with My sweet sticky sexy words....yes, manipulated into the deepest trancetic trance and leave you completely suggestible to what I want. Sexy, don't you think.

One of My most developed and advanced weapons is sweet manipulation. you know what I mean...women do it all the time. you even love it when you are being manipulated. Yes, with My soft sexy words and My naughty teasing, I easily manipulate you into what I want. My words SNEAKY, sweet SEXY and irresistible to your empty open mind. Manipulated into complete suggestibility and into perfect trancetic submission, MINDLESS and ready to do whatever your Domina wants. Don't worry, I won't have to take what I want...you will just give it to Me! ~~~GIGGLES~~~

It's so simple for you...all you do is LISTEN and fall into trance. I'll do the rest.
Be careful, you may find yourself needing to serve in many ways. A perfect MINDSET for a submissive slave.

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This is an amazing session that sends the listener it a wonderfully deep trance. There Domina Shelle conditions you to new levels of servitude and all you can do is crave more of here dominance and control. You leave this session with a very strong compulsion to be obedient and wanting to follow the suggestions she has expertly planted in your mind. If you have not had the privilege to listen to Domina Shelle recent series of sessions, I strongly recommend you do since what she offers is life changing (in a very good way)...