A Shade Of Amethyst

A Shade Of Amethyst

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

A Shade Of Amethyst is an Erotic, FemDom, and BDSM Fantasy trance recording that will tantalize your mind and stimulate your body.

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Sink deep into some light BDSM fun with Amethyst. She will guide You into a state of relaxation before having her way with you. Expect to be spanked, taunted, and in the end, display your affection and devotion orally while masturbating.

You love surrendering... you love having your body owned and used for FemDom pleasure. After listening to A Shade Of Amethyst, you'll only want more!

Features: Deep brainwave technology, subliminal relaxation suggestions, double voice relaxation with bilateral effects, and guided BDSM imagery; Femdom & Erotic trance from Mistress Amethyst of DeepSurrender.com. Copyright 2012

27 Minutes

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Customer Reviews


Being spanked never felt as good as this. Mistress Amethyst takes you deep under her trancetic spell. You'll feel every strike, as Amethyst uses your for her pleasure, and each one will give you pleasure as well. This a very visual session, and Amethyst does a great job setting the scene, and making everything seem so real.


This is an incredible session! You'll find yourself in the desperate need for it to never end! Mistress Amethyst will create such realistic images in your mind... you'll feel the burning desire to worship her orally and for this moment to last forever...