A Stupid Boy

A Stupid Boy

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Leslie

You work hard, and your life is so serious at times. You always have to have the answers and sometimes you just don’t want them. Sometimes you wish to let go of everything and be the one not in charge. Well today you are in luck, you silly boy! Well that is you will become a silly boy for Me, in this playful deeply trancetic brain chemistry altering trance sessions. I take silly to a new level for you, so you need only sit back and enjoy the ride… you will find yourself giggling, feeling youthful, and well a bit dumb! Not so dumb though that you figure out what is best for you, which is Me of course! hehehehe don’t let my laughter and light taunting fool you, this is serious business, and good serious fun, using traditional trance and brain washing techniques you may not even catch. Enjoy the fun and keep listening, your days will be filled with joy and Me, in this one of a kind feel good and Femdom session all rolled into one!


Length: 28 minutes

Format: mp3 download

Effects: skillfully used

Music: No

Overdubbing vocals: yes

Price: $25

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