A Slave-like Passion

A Slave-like Passion

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

Passion is to be invoked...passion is to be deeply felt...heard...lived...breathed...in this next installment of your deepening submission to My will, I begin to share with you some of My beliefs...some of My desires...as I disclose and subsequently demonstrate how we are all slaves to something or someone...your slave-like passion to do as I tell you to...fueling and igniting My slave-like passion...My unquenchable thirst to control your mind...you will experience what I mean when I tell you that I require a slave-like passion from My subjects...how easily and naturally that can be for you...persuading you to release control of your sex to Me yet again...finding it harder and harder to resist no doubt...slowly filling your mind with a new mantra...recording after recording of Mine...trance after trance...mantra after mantra...all these little tiny thoughts...small phrases that encapsulate your desires...defining you...one day soon you might find that all you have in your mind are tiny little phrases with big meanings...so big that your mind is full of nothing but My mantras...needing release but that is My release to decide...when you please Me sufficiently, I may grant it...listening to this mp3 will invoke a more deep and complete slave-like passion to serve Me...reminding you non-stop who has control in this intimate relationship...and who does not...if you want to be able to release whenever you wish, do NOT listen to this file...but if something so curious is making you feel you want this, like an insistent needing, then listen to My voice and I'll help you forget everything else...with just a couple thoughts to fill and replicate within your mind, surrender to My will is easier than ever...ever have the feeling you are completely surrounded?

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