Addiction is a Bitch

Addiction is a Bitch

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A femdom erotic trance by Hypnotic Domina

Length: 37 minutes

From the beginning of time trance has been used as a therapeutic practice. It can be used for relaxation, healing or dealing with addictions...oh so many uses. I have a few specialties of My are about to find out. There's a LOT to learn about the power of trance, when spoken by your Domina.

W/we are all controlled by O/our own addictions and obsessions. How much more so are W/we controlled when the source of O/our addictions direct commands from deep within our brains.

What started as a fantasy of submitting to a powerful beautiful SEXY DANGEROUS Woman easily becomes your reality, hooked and addicted, to My control, to My power.

A small part of you may balk at this notion, unwilling and unable to accept that the further you fall the more submissive and obsessed you become. I am truly mind fucking you, and progressively My control over you is becoming stronger and more pervasive.

This is the psychological dependence I've installed in you, an inescapable control that has trapped your fixated mind in an endless cycle of addiction and obsession. Through My powerful application of trance and mental manipulation I feed your addictive submissive desires.

Free-fall into the bottomless abyss!


There is a small risk of this session causing addiction. But do not worry, it will not happen to you. Trust your Domina. you won't get hooked, no danger in just listening.

This is an extremely POWERFUL session. Taking you deeper into trance than you have ever imagined going.
Subliminal Messages will be IMPLANTED deeply into your OPEN suggestible mind.

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This session exemplifies why Domina Shelle is the most compelling and compulsive dominant woman on the world wide web. And the word web is apt in this context because using her innate trancetic skills Domina Shelle lures and traps her prey in an endless cycle of hedonistic bliss, all focused on her dominant cravings and our submissive desires. For me this session underscores how i view my relationship with Domina: one of intense loyalty and obsession for her well being, unwavering obedience to her commands, and an aching need to serve her every whim.

Clearly i'm an avid believer and thanks to amazing sessions like this one i'm convinced my future lies with Domina Shelle. i truly believe Domina Shelle has something to offer any true submissive looking to explore latent submissive feelings in a safe, controlled and loving environment. For those of you that are sceptical or are new the genre, all you have to fear is fear itself. Domina can open a world to you that you scarcely believe and all you have to do is look back at other session reviews (on her website) to see how special she really is...