Amethyst Dream

Amethyst Dream

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A femdom erotic trance by Amethyst

In this sultry trancetic programming, Mistress Amethyst will condition your mind so that you begin to have sexy, erotic, orgasmic dreams.

Relax profoundly to the sound of my voice. I give you quit a bit of time to surrender into a nice slow, deep trance. Once I have guided you into a deep trancetic state, I will use three whispery voice tracks to bombard your mind with my conditioning.

Your subconscious mind will listen very carefully and absorb everything that I say. I'm going to fill your mind with programming to increase the frequency and clarity of your sexual dreams. The type of dreams that you will begin to have will tantalize your mind with sexual submission and the erotic sensations are magnified. When you find yourself in an Amethyst Dream, submissive pleasure engulfs you. You may find yourself experiencing many wet dreams after receiving the conditioning of this file because I will program you to cum so hard in your dreams. So many sexual dreams are in store for you. Your dreams are so vivid, so clear, so memorable. When you orgasm in your dreams, the pleasure will be so intense.

Features: Long, slow induction, triple whisper track during the programming section, choice to either come out of trance or drift asleep; Erotic FemDom trance by Mistress Amethyst Copyright 2015

45 Minutes

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I've been able to trance to both the original version of this, and I must say Mistress Amethyst really outdid herself with the improvements! While I love all my Amethyst files old, and new, I can see why Mistress wanted to remake this one. She's updated and reworked nearly everything about the original: script, style, music, effects, etc. It's all been rethought and reworked with her fantastic dedication to trancetic perfection. While the original session focused on general programming for sexy dreams, the new version expands on that and focuses on having vivid, sexy dreams about female dominance. And with Mistress Amethyst dominating your dreams, there are sure to be some lasting effects! She takes you down deep as always, and slowly moves through all the all the things that she wants you to experience in your Amethyst fueled dreams. The writing and voice work of the main track flows smoothly through each topic, and the background suggestions really get you aroused and exited for your new dreams. She guides you through what she wants your dreams to be, and gives great examples to fuel your fantasies. And after all that sexy programming, she calms you down and drops you right into sleep to enjoy your new Amethyst Dreams. So if you've ever wanted to say Yes Mistress in your dreams, pick this new and improved session, and let Amethyst dominate your mind no matter which kind of sleep you're in.