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Amethyst Kisses

Amethyst Kisses

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A femdom erotic hypnosis by Amethyst

You must have been a very good boy lately, because Mistress Amethyst has broken into your home for a special, intimate treat.  She shows up, standing in the doorway of your bedroom in the middle of a rain storm.  She climbs onto your bed, and seductively hypnotizes you. 
Once under Her spell, She intensifies your bond with gentle tender kisses.  Every kiss binds you to Her.  Every kiss, rendering you weaker and weaker.
She will run her hands up and down your body, playing with your cock, balls, and taint.  And then your fantasy comes true... Amethyst performs intimate kisses on your cock until She drains you of your seed. 
Features: Deep brainwave technology, guided relaxation, Mind Control,  from Amethyst.
48 Min MP3  -  My #2 Best Seller.  Download to find out why!
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Customer Reviews

  • Author: andy
    Amethyst kisses you into bliss in this seductive imagery based induction. Trigger words also are used to send you deep into a pleasurable trance. Amethyst describes in vivid detail a popular male fantasy while asserting Her influence over you. A classic FemDom subtle seduction that is a pleasure to succumb to.
    Imagery inductions usually don't affect me, but Amethyst's hypnotic abilities and technique were far too effective for me to not to surrender to Her seductive suggestions. i am sure you will find this a wonderfully hypnotic & intensely erotic experience!
  • Author: origamisoldier
    I'm not certain what I did to receive such pleasure, but I only hope I can please Mistress Amethyst like this again! Mistress Amethyst's kisses are a glorious gift in this amazing session! Each kiss is both erotic and symbolic, as Mistress Amethyst binds you even more in happy servitude. It pulls in aspects of submission from several other sessions and brings them together in a magical way that only Amethyst can accomplish. Being a good boy for Mistress Amethyst is such a powerful desire. Begging for it makes it even better. Get Amethyst Kisses and surrender into the tender caress of Mistress Amethyst's lips and voice.
  • Author: Matty
    I like to imagine that when Amethyst wrote this hypnosis session she was thinking about me the entire time. I say that because when I listen to “Amethyst Kisses” it seems like the session was written for me. It contains so many of the elements of hypnosis and erotica that I yearn for on a daily basis. Yes, the sexual acts described are a particular fetish of mine, but I think I love the aura of intimacy that she creates the most. This session is sexy, tender, loving (in a way), and incredibly seductive. I don’t just listen to this session when I’m super horny and craving to feel the touch of a goddess on my lips or on my…..you know….thing, I also listen when I’m feeling lonely and I want to feel the goddess’ touch on my heart.

    I should also mention that the hypnosis itself is wonderfully relaxing and I always feel like I’ve been living a real life dream after I come up. Whether you’re looking for a deep relaxing trance or a fun sexy adventure, this is the perfect file.
  • Author: QuietMan123
    This file is an all out take no prisoners seduction by Mistress Amethyst. She uses her sultry voice, her hands and her lips to seduce your body, then your mind and then your spirit. Think about what it would be like to be relentlessly teased until your body is trembling and aching for release. What would your response be if she offered to orally pleasure you?

    However, there is one catch. If you give in, you will be totally owned by her. Mind, body and spirit. I believe I chose wisely. What will your choice be?