Anatomy Of The Submissive Psyche

Anatomy Of The Submissive Psyche

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A femdom erotic trance by Mistress Joanne

We as humans are creatures of habit...we tend to repeat certain routines and follow certain external cues that help to structure these routines...but often these patterns are dictated and mapped out far beneath the surface of your, I take the time to cut to the quick and demonstrate to you just HOW well I DO know you...and how you tick...when you need the patterns begin to emerge and you may know it's coming, that submissive wave...that irrepressible urge...the one you cannot stop and needn't bother even explaining how your patterns work internally I allow you to feel so free that you can experience both the mind/body connection and then the mind/body disconnection...this will be most surreal, pets...but not to worry for I make it so easy for you in this place where I think for you and tell you what to say and believing what you say will affect other patterns in your physical anatomy...I make you love chanting for Me while your blank mind is reframed by Yours truly...there are multiple loops and your mind will choose one if not more to not only lock in upon but REMAIN locked in upon until I decide hour of deep mindbending trance for brainwashing aficionados, part-time participants and the helplessly hardcore tranceslaves who are so hooked already that the decision to listen to this recording has already been it now and experience the most rare intensity that your life lacks without Me.

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i remember in the beginning how Mistress was conversationally discussing a submissive's psyche. i awoke from trance with a puddle on my abdomen. i honestly don't remember what happened in between the 2 events. That said i can't wait to listen again. Mistress Joanne is extremely gifted!