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A femdom erotic trance by Madame Jade Paris

Boogie Trance - Boobie Drone Elegant visuals, layers of tracks, two main narratives ( to get you good and confused), a bewitching subliminal, binaural arousal beat, Topless flashes, countdown, original atmospheric music,…
Spiral and crystal Induction, imagery, deepener, cum countdown and bobbie trigger. Blue hair, nails, corset.
Spicy true trance. Always wear headphones and lie down and relax. Take some slow deep breaths and enjoy. My voce will tease you and you will want to surrender and touch yourself for me. Your eyes will feel heavy and relaxed as you sink deep into a relaxing trance. My voice flowing all through your body as you become more and more relaxed. So at ease, going deeper and deeper. Listen as I count down…. stare into my eyes. You will have no worries at all and your thoughts will be ever so light. All you have to do is follow and obey….no resistance. Now take your eyes and look at Madame’s large sexy breasts….. you are about to go into a bobbie trance. Controlled by my sexy tits. You will feel from all earthly restrains…. Imagine if you will, my trancetist breasts….. they are hard not to look at. They are totally transfixing you and taking away your will. You love titties, pressed on your face….. as you become more fixated on my perfect cleavage…down and around you go. Giving up and giving in, wanting and needing to hear my voice as you stare and obey. Around and around you go, down and down you go….deeper. Falling into deep trance as you desire to reach out and touch me. You feel drawn to my hot breasts, you lie down in front of me as you feel warm water surrounding your body. Watch as I fondle my sexy breast in front of your eyes.
So wet and hot… there’s this craving, you want to reach out and touch me. If your hands were tied behind your back I’d smother you will my breasts and you wouldn’t even care if you could breath.
My words are controlling your thoughts as you become a BOOBIE DRONE….
You can’t stop, so mindless, obedient and controlled by my breasts. You love big titties, they make you so week, you want to ……
Euphoria, gives you such pleasure. Big and bouncy, I know you want to **** my tits.
They captivate you. Cum countdown and bobbie trigger, enjoy!

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